Metahero Partners with Bloktopia And lets go xrp!!!!!!!


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  1. I hold metahero also . I’m happy to know that great minds think alike as you have one. I’m thrilled about your partnership and look forward to what’s to come. Stay positive, thanks Midwest crypto

  2. Metahero is a gateway into the metaverse and bloktopia is essentially like a hub so those metaverse projects will go hand to hand. These projects are definitely gems people should look out for

  3. I looked at TIME, I was initially very skeptical, 70000 procent APY sounds insane to me!, but it looks to be legit with their compound interest, however I wonder for how long it would be sustainable. My strategy will most likely be staking and taking out my initial investment once it’s doubled, which I calculated and should take about a month. And let the rest aka just the profits ride and see where it brings me in a year. Wish everyone the best! And i cant wait to diversiy my portfolio once i have a bit of earnings to play around with, it makes me so impatient seeing all these projects do s well when most my holdings are in blok atm, but we’ll get it going once we blast off again. Keep the updates coming ur doing amazin!

  4. Thank you guys for your support remember people will always tear you down and hate on you keep smiling and keep moving forward love your self. Thanks Again

  5. How did the shill fiasco happen?did people market buy?or did the limit orders incorrectly fill?
    I know you can’t market buy on KC ever.One guy paid 200k for a single token since he market bought a newly
    Listed coin and there was only 1 seller.It was a bot that auto filled his order for the order he created which was for 200k.The bot sold him 1 token for 200k.

    Thanks for all the content.i haven’t capitalized on anything just yet but i was there when you spoke about’ll be big someday.

  6. so may negative comments with blok’s twitter page. but me, i want to buy more stocks. Do you have updates on Blok coin? seems like a lot of people are selling their coins.

  7. the word retarded used in that context is generally frowned upon nowadays. no hate, just informing you in case you didn’t know. you are informative, you should reach as big of an audience as possible! <3