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  1. I really like ur videos I had learn so much of ur videos really doing awesome work but I want a video on top 5 metaverse coin sir.

  2. When they say 1 slot What does that mean? Does it mean it’s like a raffle for pre-sale?

  3. Is it too late to buy now ? I just discovered HERO last night unfortunately..

  4. everytime i invest in something like this, at a hype spike then it it it it it it it it it plummits!!!!

  5. I am not apart of the pre-sale. However, very interested. How do I get the contract address to buy??

  6. I think Everdome has the real value. Not Metahero. Sucks I was late to Metahero…No way I can drop 2.3k into Metahero to participate in the Everdome presale. These restrictions do suck for new holders…

  7. Is it possible that people drop metahero for Everdome? Unless they tie metahero token into the Everdome metahero might drop.

  8. Why don’t you tell me about the Ertha game? I think it will be a very good game.

  9. Yes, metaverse is hot. Meta hero seems to be intriguing as well. I am after a similar project called Ertha. Please, do a video on Ertha, if you have a chance. I love to hear about your thoughts on it.

  10. Can you still get everdome without moveing hero off gate io get plenty in liq mineing from their

  11. VIBE Metaverse / Few tokens and almost all in circulation, could you analyze this token? Thank you and congratulations on your work

  12. TCG world will be the metaverse to be in. 4k graphics, 800sq kilometre land mass, Get in early, its exploding at the moment. It will be the next Axie this time next year mark my words…..

  13. This coin will increase, but just think why you use 3d scan of yourself when you can be ironman or batman avatar :D kid want to look as grown man, and elder want to look younger. Why you use 3d scan instead of avatar

  14. What if my 10,000 hero wasn’t in my trust wallet for the first snapshot but in for the last snapshot ?
    Do I still qualify for the 1slot or do I need to buy another 5,000 hero?

  15. There will be a gunshot today! From today it will go up to $ 1 without a stop! In the morning the big fish bought a lot of Metahero! Go go Hero! Good luck!