MetaHero Token Crypto: Announcements, EverDome Presale, NFT Market Place and more Metascanners!!!

A reminder that I am not a financial advisor and my opinions are mine, and mine alone. Please do your own research before making any investments!

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  1. Hey fam thanks for watching! Dont forget to like, subscribe and share!!!

    Reminder: you must have a minimum of 10k in a private wallet, not an exchange, by December 10th snapshot. For more clarification look at the EverDome website. Link In description.


  3. So if you sell a portion (remainings are 10k+ tokens) prior to Dec 10th, you’ll be excluded from the whitelist? Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. This is such a detailed video .. appreciate it 😎🔥🔥🔥…. I hold metà hero but not 10,000 of it so will have to get Everdome tokens if they r releasing it … Land mite be a little out of reach

  5. This was a great video. Been in Hero since Day 1. You summed things up nicely.

  6. We’ll jump over Sandbox price sooner than many think. Thank you, Komet for the great news as usual.

  7. So I have more than 10k tokens, that mean I am still eligible ? I also sent out 200 tokens to a friend, that means I am no longer eligible? so confused!

  8. Please can someone explain please 🙏 what will 1 slot give me and is the 15 percent discount for future discount as in can I buy land in 6 months or 4 years with 15% discount

  9. Question … I got 5000 in one exchange and 5000 on another … so I’m out ?

  10. So what are exactly the rewards of holding 10.000 Hero token in you Metamask wallet? Is this only the 15% discount on land or do you also receive everdome token?

  11. Awesome content, I’m currently a hero holder and I just want to make sure I’m getting this right. I can’t trade my hero right now, buy back in and be eligible for everdome presale?

  12. So Komet, can I transfer from one wallet to another and still qualify if I do it now before December 10?

  13. Bitcoin erreichte erwartungsgemäß sein Allzeithoch. Der lange volatile Weg nach oben wird voraussichtlich jetzt beginnen, da ich erwarte, dass Bitcoin um Weihnachten herum seinen Höhepunkt erreichen wird. Wir sehen oft, dass die Altcoins in den zwei Wochen danach folgen, wenn Bitcoin eine Bewegung macht, was den jüngsten Anstieg von Ethereum und Solana erklären könnte. So groß Bitcoin jetzt auch ist, es ist nur ein Bruchteil dessen, was es sein wird, also ist es nie zu spät, ein wichtiger Tipp ist, der Anleitung eines Profis zu folgen.

  14. New sub, got 10 k worth! Just gotta figure out how to get it to metamask….

  15. Most see this as a virtual world where you can run around as yourself and do what?? Beside but land. What I see is this as an absolute monster to tap into 2 things that make a shot ton of money , tgat is Sex and gambling . Imagine a Las Vegas type world where you can hook up like a dating site ( obviously eventually you would have to meet ) and casinos . Could you imagine the money a virtual Vegas would make???? This is where it should be heading .
    Big online casino companies will want to buy land off you to put up a legalized I live virtual casino .

    To sum up .. a virtual tinder mixed with online virtual gambling within massive fancy multi floor casino .could you imagine the profits??
    Gamble with tokens then cash out and sell for land , eth?? I know I’m a bit crazy but this would change and smash anything online that’s out there related . If it’s going to this direction

    I’m all in

  16. So what about holders who only found this a few weeks ago and hold 1 to 2 thousand?

  17. $1000 scan and, you could end up being in only fans lol.

    Ok I’m all in !

    Instead of people buying the dip, they will be buying the dick! 🤯

  18. Thank you for the informative videos. I see you’ve done some in the NFT space. Have you had time to review the play-2-earn systems of the metaverse? I’m specifically excited about the ERTHA project – looks very promising!

  19. I think everdome price may be too high at presale.Reason because of to much interest.will see.also if you hold 10,000 metahero do you use them to buy everdome or need bnb.they are not very clear on simple questions.

  20. I love metahero but why would you pay someone if you have a good project.also 4 scanners are only a very small amount.the size of the scanners are a problem.most of you will have to air travel to get scanned as only 4 scanners.dont want to be blinded by hype.

  21. Im so confused to be honest. I had Hero before the 25th but less than 10k… Now everybody says if you manage to have 10k Hero by the 10th Dec youll have 1 Spot. BUUUT why would they take a snapshot at the 25th november if the only important snap will be the one from the 10th December? I thought they reward all holders that been holding Hero before the 25th. But now basicly everbody can buy Hero before the 10th December to qualify?

  22. wait so i have to transfer my tokens from kucoin to a private wallet by dec10? or is it okay to just leave it in kucoin?

  23. hello kommet,, i m kind lost,, i just bought 10 thousand heros on december 2nd,,,,at kukoin, but how i am going to know that they took snap of my assets, or how i m going to prove that i bought total of 10 thousand hero? and who is going to take snap of that i have 10 thousand heros? very confusing,,,,
    can u guide us that what should be do,, if we bought heros,, and what is the next step? what i have to do or it is to be done automatically

  24. Regarding eligibility.. entering after that date of original snapshot into Hero and before December 10 …you’re eligible for the presale of metadome coin ?

  25. This is all great but highly speculative. I hope it lands. I really do becuase I plan to invest in Everdome. I’m not a fan of Metaheros tactics though. You sell one token and you’re removed. Lol what type of kiddy shit is that!?!?! My advice to people getting in…wait for Everdome to release, wait for the pullback, and then invest. It would be nice to see how all of this works becuase there is a reason all of the other Mertaverse projects didn’t go with hyper realism despite having massive backing and capital. Time will tell and I can’t wait for more details instead of the same video and hype tweets.

  26. I feel there are more to this market than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before investing in this pretty much complicated market. I’ve made over $40k from an allocation of $4k over the last 6 weeks using Edward Rowe help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move. He can be contacted via tele-gram; @EdwardRowe for assistance

  27. I totally agree with you I will pay for my own scan. I would only be tempted if (as you stated)they acted as an agent on my behalf and I received a fair percentage. I have been in on hero from the start and I’m not going anywhere. I wonder what the buy in for everdome will be?