MetaHero Token Crypto: Bloktopia Partnership, a Massive Increase in Holders, Evolution…

A reminder that I am not a financial advisor and my opinions are mine, and mine alone. Please do your own research before making any investments!

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  1. Hey all thanks for watching. If you buy or are thinking of buying MetaHero, check out my referral link in the description! Thanks for watching!

  2. Nice to see you back, I covered this topic yesterday. This such a cool partnership for Metahero!!

  3. Good to have the legend back! Buying the dips bro…this will deffo be £1 sooner or later!

  4. I notice the big YouTuber don’t talk about the hidden gems they focus on alt that’s already winning

  5. Who else can I trust? Only this website 👆👆 is LEGIT💯❤️💕….

  6. <👆👆👆👆👆Ich lerne viel aus deinen Videos und es hat mir geholfen. Ich ziehe Trading dem Halten vor, Trading ist für Neulinge ziemlich schwierig. Danke an Anthony Perez für die Verbesserung meines Portfolios mit seinen Handelssignalen. Seine Handelsstrategien sind erstklassig

  7. Rob needs to start scanning footballers. Once he does it everythng starts. He can start with some mediocre players that want to do scanning for free like his country teams i.e. Legia Warsow. Than next in the que is Lewandowski. They scanned Doda – polish celeb but so far it goes nowhere. Thanks for high q vid.

  8. Metahero is definitely an interesting investment move with possibility of 2, 3 or even more dollars in next few years. But what worries me is that most people that invested in this project are waiting to reach 1 dollar in price. If it does (and it will) so many people will start selling off their coins and the price will go down. So Im not sure how to secure the value at that moment so it can go even higher.

  9. Can someone explain to me how the token is gonna increase in value? I get people need to use them to purchase scams. But afterwards Metahero needs to sell them so how Are they ever gonna increase in value?

  10. Will More money pump into Meta Hero depends on the games and those who have money to purchase it .. If it is all round cater for adolescent and adult will be best ..These class of people has money 💰

  11. Hey check #BLOK!!! Looks so bullish!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Binance soon!!!

  12. I bought into both of these 2 weeks ago or so thinking that they would be a perfect match and here we are.

  13. I got a feeling Bloktopia is going to rocket in price more then anyones wildest dreams …

  14. I find it concerning that it went from 2800 to 2814 on CMC. Should be decreasing with the events coming up.