MetaHero Token Crypto Dubai Blockchain Summit Price and My Excitement!!! 100x Incoming!!!

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  1. Thanks for watching! This Video wasn’t planned, I am just really excited about MetaHero!!!

  2. I am an early investor.To be honest i didnt like it.Looks like a big cage with hundreds of cameras.Tier one was not important.the 5% fee and burn was much better.Hope it flys lets see.

  3. People are forgetting that this project is only a little over 3 months… 3 MONTHS, from 0.003ish to .17 cents? Patience folks, this is not some sort of meme situation, get rich quick. Look at the technology, look at Rob Gryn who is one of Forbes top millionaires from Poland. Time, give it time!

  4. This machines should be in complex, shopping place where people easily can get scanned