MetaHero Token Crypto: V3 Metascanner is Here!!! Price up and the Blockchain Summit has only Begun!

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  1. What do you all think about the new scanner? How many of you will be getting scanned in the future???

    Edit: I found out after I uploaded this video that Rob wasn’t really being scanned, the photo used was rendered before hand! Just an FYI! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. I saw on other youtube video that they pre rendered the 3d model before rob entered in sphere.Rob sad that took them 30 minute for one model to be done.

  3. The scan that showed up was pre-made as after being scanned it takes some time ( like 6 minutes) to finish it. That’s the reason why you can’t see the headset, he wore, on the scan. I saw a 3d gif of the scan and the details are incredible, really fascinating!

  4. I wonder why the token dumped this bad now, the quality of the scanner is incredible

  5. Kanye West is there, did he get scanned today ? He’s doing a photo shoot in the same hotel but I was wondering if he got to come into the convention and see the Metahero 3D scanner. Thanks.

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