Metahero – updates coming from Dubai … could move the price past the ATH $$$

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  1. Hi Mikey, I like to watch your videos mainly for one reason; you’re a decent guy, just a nice person who speaks with his heart. I mean… You’re petting you’re dog while recording 😍
    Really like your energy.

    Hi from Switzerland (my future wife is watching you because of your telegram message 😅)

  2. You have to see last interview with Mariusz Krol, if you don’t know polish then you can read subtitles in english ;) very interesting

  3. Mariusz Króls interview is pretty sick too if you haven’t seen it yet

  4. I’ve just subscribed, you’re such a decent guy, I could listen to you for hours! 👍🏻

  5. #giveaway good work, like what you are pointing out

  6. you see man, you have changed, only thumbnail and tags, views are increasing.

  7. Great situation estimation! Silence means more than tweets! I like that