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  1. Cześć, jak przewidujesz czy w tym miesiącu hero może wzrosnąć do poziomu przed Dubajem?

  2. Bottom line us we all know what these markets do, and if you’re new. You gonna learn tday,…buy the project and chill, it will be back up 10% by this evening, that fud shit needs to go somewhere else

  3. Negative clickbait title to scare Metahero holders into selling, to short the price, so you can buy more at cheap ? Why else alienate the entire Metahero communtity with scary clickbait. You’ve just lost all support from us. I guess how many plays you get per video means more to you than being a HERO.

  4. Zgadzam się, jeszcze nie nabyłem czekam na dołek i wtedy wejdę, bo ten projekt to przyszłość. Ludzie inwestują nie mając wyobrażenia jakie furtki możliwości otwiera ten projekt.

  5. Well early investors are not in panic. This is 3 months old project who has lots of space to grow. Just one big star like Ronaldo or Messi in scanner and price is going x5 in one day.

  6. I really want this project to succeed! They just shouldn’t have released such a poor quality video from the presentation in Dubai. The presentation itself also sounded too much like a hype and lacked factual information, even for such a short time slot.

  7. People with no patience should not invest their money. Please just go clock in and work your hours. Thank you for the coverage. Much appreciated. If you want a clear video of the revealing, MetaHero has uploaded it. What you showed was from a live stream, so it shouldn’t be used to encourage opinions.

  8. From what I heard from Dubai the scaner is to be used in medicine Iam calm about the price

  9. if this is a long-term investment, then why biggest holders (founders) are selling their tokens every month and causing the dip? Don’t they believe in their own project?

  10. Certain whales are dumping the price and raising the volume. Guess what for…
    Everything is just fine, it’s a good sign. Don’t follow the whales unless you’re one for yourself. Buy or hold, relax and lean back.