METAHERO will 100X 🚀 I bet all. Let me explain …

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  1. i want to start with this step i want to be the first to sign this petition i want to scan the metahero and hand over my rights to steal more deatils for gryn plz

  2. I brought at 11cents 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Please rize haha what do u think it can reach?

  3. 100x that would mean it will be worth more then xrp and cardano 50 billion market cap 100x? i dont see that. i can see 50x but thats a stretch

  4. They will scan you into the Metaverse WTH no thanks but I’ll invest into it

  5. I will be happy if Metahero reaches $3-$5 (30x – 50x from the price now) in 3/4 years and I think it’s much more realistic than 100x. BUT 100x is not impossible and I hope you’re right. It will take 3-5 years to see what’s up with metahero imo.

  6. Well , metahero will gift 1000 usd to the people who scan his body,,, and will be thousands… what about that? you still believe this coin will reach the 3usd?

  7. I think $Hero will not go to the moon but it will go outside the universe and then into the metaverse😎

  8. 100% Agree, Metahero has real value and very big potential in compare to other metaverse ‘sky rocket’ tokens..

  9. sandbox and mana looks like minecraft imo Metahero+Everdome are the real sh**

  10. It’s like Theta TV and Theta fuel; both have their utility in the ecosystem. This is not a meme coin. This is not a metaverse empty shell. This is an enterprise. Invest or stay poor.