METAHERO worth holding long term? EVERDOME public sale = SELL or BUY? 🧐

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  1. Just stay positive , if you hold for long term !! , and you see Hero later at 1$ by EoY or even earlier !
    What you will feel … !

  2. Dude the team have to work and not to comunicate with you every day!
    If you like a bla bla team then go to meme coins! Have a lot around!

  3. i agree with the no communication problem bro it’s frustrating. maybe it’s because of rob’s new baby but i hope they get their shit together they are reputable people so im still positive about my investment

  4. Where are we going to be able to sell the Everdome? Do you have any idea about that?

  5. everdome will go lower than presale price? (0.001$). man lol come on xD. They start with a 20million marketcap and just announced will burn 4.5 billion tokens and stacking to prevent mass dump🤣🤣

  6. METAHERO will 100X 🚀 I bet all. Let me explain……. you told befor one Month…… you are the cheater

  7. Look at the tokenomics, Hero is set up for a major rug pull. Started with 6.5 billion coins locked. Once they are unlocked, it will be a steady increase in supply for 5 years, meaning constant price drops. Once all coins are unlocked it will explode.

  8. co ty gadasz gościu, że tesla jest ekstremalnie niedowartościowana?! przecież to jest tak mocno przewartościowane że hj