Axie Infinity – AXS Token

Metaverse Tokens Sentiment Update | $GALA, $SAND, $AXS, $BLOK $MANA

On this episode, we’re taking a look at how the metaverse has been holding up despite Bitcoins stumble over the past few weeks. Are metaverse projects a hold for a possible bear market? A few we’re looking at (above $500mil marketcaps) are: Gala $GALA, The Sandbox $SAND, Axie Infinity $AXS, Bloktopia $BLOK, Decentraland $MANA, MyNeighborAlice $ALICE, Illuvium $ILV, RedFOX Labs $RFOX, Chromia $CHR, UFO Gaming $UFO, and MOBOX $MBOX.

#Metaverse #Meta #GALA
~Metaverse Tokens Sentiment Update | $GALA, $SAND, $AXS, $BLOK $MANA~
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  1. Omg why does this guy always start playing after other videos I’m watching, so annoying..
    Due to it I will never listen to anything u have to say ever

  2. The general market for some weeks has been going up and down and even the crypto market is not left out, but the good thing is that every market gives us a certain leverage to benefits from. For me, i’m taking full advantage to continue bitcoin day trading so as to grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the major bull market after this short correction. Pro trader peter Ratchford deserves all praises from me due to his unfailing efforts, signals and guidance towards his traders…

  3. Have you’ll been following up crypto trends lately ?,,the use of the auto smart trading system is best in terms of the bear market ,cus it’s a versatile trading system that trades on more than crypto just to make up your estimated daily profits returns into your personal account

  4. I actually appreciate that they kept the GALA event smaller considering the spike in COVID cases globally right now. I wonder if their calculus was to avoid creating a superspreader event. If that were the case, it increases my personal sentiment towards the project.

  5. Hello Paul, am keen follower of your channel & I heard you well that I should not sleep on this market & I fully conur with you. Unfortunately, the exchange I chose does not offer the verse projects & I wonder which one would you suggest for an overseas retail investor. Thank you

  6. Love the channel and the insights, but it would be a lot better with timestamps for time constricted viewers to jump to key parts of the video.

  7. I’m all into axs and mana. After the revious drop, when I spent a good deal of usdt on the major cryptos, this type I decided to pay attention to the metaverse offers. I found that axs and mana are available on bfx, so now I’m in game. I purchased some of each, now I will monitor how they work

  8. Don’t you get it?! Every whale that buys does so to maintain loss to retailers

  9. I like GALA games …. remember it’s ran by the former CEO of Zynga games. he KNOWS how to scale a GAMING business

  10. Another awesome video! ???? Am investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is a clear sign for new investors to come in ??…

  11. Can someone help me – I made it all the way to confirmswap, I keep pressing confirm swap but nothing happens? Help please

  12. I went to the Miami Axie mixer a few weeks ago, just got back from Galaverse. I gotta say, meeting so many liked minded people has lit a 🔥 in me!

  13. What is your take on these high APY tokens like AXI. They are bad for the price in the long term because they are terribly inflationary.

  14. Not early 2022. 2022 will be the 2013-2024 era. 2019-2020 will be the 2011-2012 will be the true envious

  15. It cost $12,500 to go to that event. Gala verse! It was awesome! We received well over $20,000 worth of nft



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  17. I have great expectations for mana. Its the first metaverse project I bought on bfx, and I predict it to hit $4.50 by the end of the next year

  18. but these are just shit coins with bad games behind them. nobody will remember them when proper games come up

  19. Hello outthere, best wishes for $$$$ 2022. where i can buy Gala games , Thanks

  20. I remember my friends calling me crazy when I started investing in Bitcoin now I earn $ 16,700 every 10 days recently??

  21. Just wondering why UFO Token isn’t being talked about just as much 🤔

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  23. Happy holidays best wishes to you and your family bro thank you for all you and your team do 🦃

  24. Mana is held by black rock or Grey scale, I can’t remember. But, if you didn’t buy when you seen this news you’re a little late, but not too late. It was $0.10 a year ago though, keep that in mind.

  25. money to be made here, but my atari 2600 was more entertaining than the product.