Axie Infinity – AXS Token

Metaverse Tokens Sentiment Update | $MANA, $SAND, $AXS, $BLOK $ALICE

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On this episode, we’re taking a look at how the metaverse has been holding up post bitcoin flash crash over the weekend. Are metaverse projects a hold for a possible bear market? A few we’re looking at are: Decentraland $MANA, Sandbox $SAND, Axie Infinity $AXS, Bloktopia $BLOK, Enjin $ENJ, My Neighbor Alice $ALICE, Chromia $CHR, and Illuvium $ILV.

#Metaverse #Meta #Altcoins
Metaverse Tokens Sentiment Update | $MANA, $SAND, $AXS, $BLOK $ALICE
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  1. I resume with transparency for the noobies out there, he is explaining what are the “illusions of profit” that you can “scam” people with at the present moment. He and all others are making this kind of videos because they bought “virtual money” at a cheap price and they NEED YOU to buy it back, making thus profit on your back and leaving you with the torment of hoping to have your money back. This is the world of speculators, the world of greedy bastards.
    90% of speculators lose in the end because it’s a dark shitty world with pre-sale and all kind of manipulations. You might genuinly want to support the metaverse experience, come on, video games are THE experience and real video games makers will take yearrrrs before accepting to corrupt their essence and feed this metascam. At this horizon, coins will be regulated to stop transform humans into greedy barstards for their next genrations. STOP FEEDING THIS DIGITALIZED STOCK MARKET SCAMS FOR GOD SAKE. THEY ALREADY HAVE HAD ALL THE MONEY THEY NEED. SUPPORT CREATION BUT STOP SPECULATING FUCKING SUCKERS.

  2. Anyone researched $MEGA?? Launched by Dave Mustane of Megadeath heavy metal rock band.

  3. did you intentionally leave out Theta network ? It’s the foundation of the metaverse, which without it, none of this is possible.

  4. Itrust doesn’t allow sign in out of USA? Doesn’t accept any other number required for sign in
    then US.????/Any help on this pls??

  5. Panda girl NFTS token is the one.. armed with certik in place and super extra early ..take it from the old crypto vet..

  6. Please consider giving timestamps concerning main parts of your video, it would make it additionally easier to navigate.
    Thank you for your videos, they are really i formative.

  7. He said “out of order” when he got to star atlas.what did he mean by that?…anybody?

  8. Thank you Paul. If one buys Sandbox, is that enough or does he have to buy virtual real estate to profit???

  9. What the heck is the deal with Bloktopia’s tokenomics? Only 4% of supply in circulation?!

  10. 22:00 Axie battles v2 and land game play should be released in 2022. These are huge game updates. They were supposed to be released 2021 Q4 but doesn’t look like that is happening anymore.

  11. thanks for another great video 📹 👍
    Cant take another saitama video from the other dopes on YouTube!

  12. If free world fiat is starting to crash this winter (due to 40% more money chasing the same amount of things), wouldn’t that make this current crypto crash seem less dramatic as per value comparison? Certainly fewer people are panicking than 2017 due to increased knowledge, and more are holding due to an abundance of influencers and HODL leadership. Maybe the crash is happening right now, and its not so bad.

  13. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life. Life was hard for me until I started Bitcoin and I’m now earning $9,500 per week

  14. with all the talk of the metaverse, I have never heard paul discuss theta, at least recently, but it seems like its infrastructure for the entire world of MV, and huge investments and team all around – would love to see a vid from PB on this.

  15. Excellent information. I’m new in NFT and have been looking for great projects. I found Rave Bunnies to have huge potential. They have growing partnerships with DJs and music producers. Do you mind sharing your thoughts on them?


  17. Thanks Paul you and your team are on point
    Close to 90% of the time love this channel and really like the interviews with leaders in tech and Metaverse

  18. Its gala paul….we just had 1st convention snoop played. Lmao im currently mining over 1000 Town coin per day . And gala. We announced 1 of our newest games WALKING DEAD! LMAO Gala ecosystem is unbelievable. And did I say we had the Sims creator it just created another one 100% for the gala blockchain

  19. Sorry wrong! Sand box? They goin to gala…yup lol gala killin play to earn. Every body going to them…sims…farmville..walking dead what biches

  20. Im a complete noob who recently broke even on my wallet. I dont think we will see a bear market like before. Especially with metaverse game coins will have their use cases.

  21. Itrustcapital – ny and Hawaii blocked , can’t catch a break in ny wtf …… anyone know why ? Can’t live in these states to use I trust ?

  22. Haha
    Since I authenticated my coin base wallet
    I get 0.57 euthereum daily
    At this rate and how I am hodling
    Early retirement is going to be next year

  23. Hello
    Thank you for your complete and comprehensive training, I am waiting for your next trainings

  24. Another awesome video! ???? Am investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is a clear sign for new investors to come in ??…

  25. People does anyone remember the metaverse game by Disney infinity where you can buy characters and go
    In a metaverse and play? Was one of the funnest awesome games ever I played with my daughter ! I see metaverse same way not sure why don’t they do the same

  26. Hi, Paul! This video is so good and as well as so informative. But I see you should research more about Fishing Town and tell us about your thoughts!! Game launch is already next week. :))

  27. Hey Paul,
    I signed up on your link, but didnt receive the 100$ worth of bitcoin.
    Did I miss something?

  28. signed to I trust and it seems like a scam… took all info but zero log in and or acknowledgement of account… got all my personal info now though, which is worth something to them and others, didn’t cost them $100bucks either…and i did all ther work for them…. fcking scammers

  29. My friend I use ur link to sign up but I never received no btc what’s up with that ?

  30. Hi there, have you had about the updated crypto market, I really tried to buy but I got a big loss 😢