Axie Infinity – AXS Token

Missed Out on AXS? Get RON Early! How to Use Ronin DEX to Farm RON Tokens

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  1. ask lang po, example let say po 6 slp split into half 3slp 3 eth and inistake nyu po siya then after 3 days decided to unstake agad for some reason will you get the same value or not like 6slp pa rin ba siya in total or not?

  2. bro i’m a newbie, and im planning to invest 10k pesos. which is better axs/weth or slp/weth

  3. Hi Sir Exnal, Sir if mag stake and farm ako tulad ng ginawa mo po, is it possible na makuha ko parin yung slp and weth na ginamit ko for farming kapag di na ako interested sa pag farm ng WRON? Sorry for the tagalog question hehe.

  4. Question sir, if I add more SLP-WETH LP staked, will my RON rewards increase as well?

  5. Why is it I cant confirm swap and staking transaction in my ronin wallet po? need po ba may balance sa weth for fee transaction?

  6. is there a possibility that i can’t farm anymore WRON due to IL? or is it that i reached the number of days to farm wron in SLP/WETH LP

  7. Gusto ko mag RON Farming but can’t risk it yet, so, i guess axs staking muna? Subscribed and ring activated!

  8. i have a question i max in slp in liquidity but it said insiffuicient weth balance but when i max WETH it can click SUPPLY what should i do?

  9. when are you able to claim your ron rewards, does it have to be 24 hrs for the lp tokens for it to be able to be claimed?

  10. Thank you sir! already staked my 15k slp last week! btw i have question, if we unstake how can i convert my lp tokens to weth and slp seperately again because i’m planning to put it again to binance as an SLP again.

  11. Auto-subscribe.

    Just want to ask, is it advisable to proceed with AXS-WETH by converting my SLP to AXS or just proceed to SLP-WETH, given the SLP current price? TIA

  12. Thank you for providing a very informative vid! God bless! Correct me if I’m wrong, the reason why you chose slp/weth pool is because you are aiming to farm more RON tokens and leave it there long term unlike axs/weth which has zero to minimal risk of IL? This is the first time I’m going to farm RON tokens, and I was skeptical at first because it never gave a true purpose or meaning before up until I saw your vid today :). Hope you can enlighten me, tyia!

  13. QUESTION: Which will provide more RON when both have the exact same price? USDC-WETH LP, SLP-WETH LP or AXS-WETH LP?

  14. pls, what could it be that am not doing right, i have been trying to swap SLP to WETH , Anytime i click on APPROVE , The window that pups up does not allow me to confirm. And i usually see information ‘” you have used up todays free transaction” Please what can i do ?

  15. Hi, after following this steps, can we add some more to stake moving forward?

  16. I should’ve checked your yt videos weeks ago! My bad. Thank you for this. I don’t think I can join farming RON anymore unless it still can be farmed after they release it.

  17. hello sir! kailan po maganda mag stake ng slp/weth? pag mataas value ng both token o pag mababa?

  18. I just bought 1k slp just to play with it hoping some gains by staking on axs.

    With this amount of slp, which would you prefer? Axs staking or ron farming?

  19. If i already have weth and slp, can i proceed immediately to adding liquidity?

  20. Hi, new subscriber here! I would like to ask if I can do it using my mobile phone and kiwi browser? Thank youu!

  21. Hi, I have 25k slp earned by playing Axie and still counting coz I’m an active player.. Just wondering if 25k slp is enough to earn RON or what should I do on my slp.. Just really want to hear some suggestion from you.. Gonna wait for your reply on the comment sec

  22. Sir as you’ve said, if one token became low the other will sell out in order for the tokens to have an equal amount. But what happens if 1 token rises?

  23. Boss question lang po. Does it need ba na 5000 yung slp and amount ng eth para makapag palit ng Ron or any amount pwede naman let’s say 1000slp and 1k amount of eth?

  24. sir if mag unstake ako now, hindi po ba mawawala yung mga na farm ko na ron tokens?

  25. I only have 2000slp on my ronin wallet i just started last december 2022. Is it enough to farm RON?

  26. Sir, how can I allow katana to use my slp? it’s not confirming po eh puro allow slp, pls help. TIA

  27. sir Exnal, should we still farm Ron token, although it’s released now? and is it still available for farming.

  28. Does it mean that if the slp value goes up, and the weth value remains the same.. you would get more weth in return because it needs to match up with your slp?