Morpheus Labs – MITX Token

My 5 Top Altcoins for November 2021: Featuring UTK, CRWNY, DIA, OXT, & MITX

Mike shares his five top altcoins for November 2021, including Utrust UTK, Crowny CRWNY, DIA Oracle Crypto, Orchid OXT, and Morpheus Labs MITX.

While some crypto influencers are shilling gems and setting unrealistic price targets, Mike of Discover Crypto is here to provide retail investors with five altcoins that haven’t run yet and offer solid fundamentals.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice please do your own research. Also, please be wary of scammers. I only communicate via this YouTube Channel and the Twitter account linked in this description.

Utrust: &
Crowny: &
DIA: &
Orchid: &


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  1. Dia is still very low in this bullrun.. i think i will get some of that for my portfolio

  2. Thanks Mike.. very useful indeed. Excluding Btc and Eth, what % of your Alt coin portfolio would you give to these 5 coins and also the Dot parachain Coins you covered?

  3. I like your suggestions, i think you are well thought out and explain things well. Subbed

  4. Crowny has a serious potential, and I see it easily reaching at least 10x. Great utility with only 4.5 million $ MCap