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NEW BULLISH SIGNAL for Ethereum & Stock Market?? Ethereum Price Prediction 2022, Ethereum News Today

NEW BULLISH SIGNAL for Ethereum & Stock Market?? Ethereum Price Prediction 2022, Ethereum News Today
Welcome back to the Crypto World! In this video I reveal my next Ethereum Price Targets and my Ethereum Strategy (Ethereum Technical Analysis Today)! Is Ethereum the best crypto to buy now? Comment below! And leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this!

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  1. Crypto regulated as legal in india this my be causing good movie towards bullish

  2. Eth seems to go up and down with btc but my projectfeenix v2 does not seem to me affected by both.
    Now 3x for me. Maybe it because its so new, not sure but happy I found something actually shooting up in value.

  3. Do u think ETH is correlated with the S n P 500 due to the massive value locked in to the network

  4. Great Contents as usual. Man I look forward to every single video you make. Thank you for helping all of us Stay on top of the market. A lot had Changed and that’s on everything but the truth is I don’t even care much about the bullish or bearish market anymore because Mrs Christabel Enobong got me cover as I’m comfortably making 2.5BTC monthly

  5. Do you think Alt Coins like Polkadot or Cardano will ever reach their previous all time highs?

  6. So…. should we get in now or wait, many people say it will go down to 1700…

  7. Make a video on BSC coins to buy in this dip that can potentially 10x your investment, im looking at campfire metaverse right now

  8. Is it too late to buy the dip? Do you think ETH will drop down to 2400-2500 range again josh?

  9. The Campfire Metaverse rocket just launched, everyone fill your bags ✌️

  10. I’m here at first, thank you for this great explanation. 😊 One technical feedback if I may, you may see on the video that your screen is cropped from the left side. Best!! 🤘🏼

  11. This < "not your keys, not your coins" crap needs to be reigned in. I keep my crypto on 3 exchanges, 2 of which pay high interest for my doing so. Just because they hold it, doesn't mean the money (yes crypto is money) doesn't belong to me; it's still mine. I very much doubt Nexo will run off with it, but if they did, they couldn't do it with impunity and would be pursued by millions of people for theft. Honestly, shouldn't we be encouraging people to adopt crypto, rather than spread FUD about established exchanges? I'd be more at risk of losing my assets on a cold storage wallet due to technical issues than keeping it on certain platforms. My journey as a trader was not funny at the beginning simply because I was so inexperienced and clueless till I got introduced to a very great trader Todd Carey. and ever since my journey so far has been the smoothest,all thanks to you Todd. < You can reach Ned on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Toddcarey

  12. Campfire metaverse is on fire right now, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

  13. Sold my furniture for the campfire metaverse let’s go 🔥🚀

  14. I am as enthusiastic about crypto as you are. But ETH is below the declining 50 dma on the daily, yr 50 is below the 200dma, ETH is below the 40wma on the weekly. So a MACD breakout looks like a signal for a counter-trend rally, and ETH may need a real flush after this temporary move up to establish a bottom – from which it will ascend to new highs.

  15. ETH is going to dump! Normal down trend correction, i called it rising wedge pump.

  16. she is the best person to meet if you want to invest your cryptocurrency correctly, she is a genius