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What up homies! Coinbase has went on a listing spree. There are 7 new coinbase coins on coinbase.

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  1. It’s gonna be a total fail on the rollout. FisH™ is calling it now. GL traders. 🎣

  2. Coval will Go straight up. This project has potential to change a lot of big things in the crypto world. I‘m following the te le gram News since 4 years.

  3. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $4,000,000 . I know it’s possible

  4. I told you a year ago, COVAL could be huge! :) same as MANA and now its turn for the FIRST and REAL Metadoge!

  5. Moss carbon credit is going to be huge with the circulating supply of 1.9 million

  6. Having 3btc now in my wallet with the help through your videos after I contacted mrs kate it’s a good one keep up the good work. The market is growing daily with new strategies and trading opportunity. Financially empowerment is our everyday chase and kate sandal has proven to be part of this mission. her strategy is the best

  7. Something you have to keep in mind though, homie. With Jasmy, the market cap was sus because it had massive trading volume, but it didn’t have a lot of price action. MCO2 has a small trading volume right now, and the price has doubled in value. This shows me that the market cap shown is actually pretty accurate because such a small amount of trading volume has affected the price so drastically.

  8. As I stated before in your poll after they messed me up with gyen my coinbase is dead, I’m looking into transferring all into another platform.
    And hope people do the same when they f… with people like that. No more investing on coinbase.