PancakeSwap – Cake Token

New Crypto Rewards Token that lets you earn Ethereum, BNB, CAKE, and DOT tokens just by STAKING!

New Crypto Rewards Token that lets you earn Ethereum, BNB, CAKE, and DOT tokens just by STAKING! Previous Binance Smart Chain BSC crypto rewards tokens failed though, will FesBNB succeed? Subscribe to the best crypto YouTube!

FesBNB is the latest BSC crypto rewards token –
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Everyone is always looking for new ways to earn money, so naturally, DeFi applications are really interesting — especially when they are built on the Binance Smart Chain BSC network which is like the Ethereum blockchain but much faster and MUCH cheaper as ETH GAS fees are simply out of control. Let’s review FesBNB!

Binance US buy BNB tokens for BSC –
Binance NOT US buy BNB tokens for BSC –

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Pancakeswap CAKE finance BSC –
Learn how to set up the Binance Smart Chain BSC wallet –
Set up MetaMask with BSC Binance Smart Chain and easily swap BNB tokens! –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Stake and earn multiple altcoins
01:14 What is BSC and guides to set it up
03:08 What is FesBNB project?
03:49 FesBNB tokenomics
04:09 FesBNB project team
04:33 FesBNB presale details
04:58 FesBNB Dapp features
06:18 FesBNB token details
07:02 FesBNB market cap and liquidity
07:46 Crypto reward tokens risk
08:21 FesBNB audit
08:54 FesBNB future plans
09:24 FesBNB review

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  5. Looks like a passive income project. Throwing in some bags you never know which projects gonna moon these days. Love staking projects 👍

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