NFT DeFi Yield Farm Game + Earn REAL Pearls!

The combination of DeFi aspects with gamification and NFTs can be a lot more interesting than most projects are making it out to be these days.

I take you on a journey to Clam Island where the yield are big and the NFTs are 3D and fun!

Check out CLAM ISLAND: https://clamisland.fi

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Setup
0:01:39 Breakdown
0:01:50 Website
0:02:48 What Is Clam Island
0:03:23 You Need GEMS, CLAMS & PEARLS
0:03:49 Closer Look
0:04:46 Buying GEM
0:05:24 Back To The Island
0:06:07 The Shop
0:07:04 Producing Pearls
0:08:00 You Do Need BNB
0:08:50 Saferoom
0:09:09 Different Clams
0:09:55 The Farm
0:11:31 Another Cool Thing
0:12:02 Longterm Use Case
0:13:31 Wrap Up

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  1. Hi, we are a crypto start up that would love to contact you can you please dm us any kind of way thanks you !

  2. I’m definitely going to check it out! The gamification sounds a little more complicated than the “point and click”, so I’m curious to learn more. Thanks for the info!

  3. Die idee ist ja nicht neu Aber das Setting ist so schrotting! Thank you for Video!

  4. Ore token. Xbox live partnership. 20M marketcap. Dont sleep. This could 100x

  5. Awesome work mate. I love the work you do. I have learnt so much. The community is crazy amazing.
    Im jjust waiting for you to talk bout Loki Inu on the binance chain line. Il be waiting patiently.
    Thank you for everything

  6. Thanks to Mr kelvin.. he’s the best broker you would want to work with. I truly recommend.

  7. ‘Depending on how powerful your clam is, is how many pearls it’s going to be able to produce in its lifetime.’
    That’s my new favorite pickup line.

  8. do you make more videos about that project? its cute i like do make me nft pearls=) but dont get the game right….need more help =)