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No More Ethereum Mining?!

No More Ethereum Mining?! Ethereum 2.0 is already here, so the end of Ethereum mining is near. How much longer will Ethereum be mineable, when will ETH mining end, and when does ETH 2.0 officially start? All answered, subscribe to VoskCoin!

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Ethereum is the backbone of GPU mining profitability, and Ethereum also makes many ASIC miners profitable but the bad news for miners is that Vitalik Buterin says now that Ethereum 2.0 is very close. Ethereum 2.0 and the merge will be the doom for Ethereum and really GPU mining but how much longer will Ethereum be mineable, when will the ETH 2.0 merge happen and Ethereum 1.0 proof of work POW mining is done?! Let’s review Ethereum 2.0 and how PoS Proof of Stake will bring an end to ETH miners, yes… no more ethereum mining in 2022?!

Learn what it takes to mine one Ethereum!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 No more Ethereum mining?
01:36 Moving to Proof Of Stake
02:37 Mining is fun and exciting
04:03 Bitcoin mining for passive income with compass mining
04:21 Ethereum and mining a difficult relationship
05:29 The merge coming earlier than expected?
07:04 What happens after the merge?
08:42 More than 9000000 Eth already locked up
10:00 When will eth 2.0 be released?
11:32 GPU mining dead after Ethereum moves to POS?
13:50 Fun Tails Vosk fact
14:35 Earn interest on Ethereum

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  1. I think it’s close, but I still think they will be at least a little late again, and absolutely hoping for it. I would say closer to Aug or Sep. Until then I will mine as much ETH as I can. I hope something picks up the slack, got too many GPUs to just go to waste. Maybe the coin prices will follow the miners?

  2. Point of note. The devs said in a dev call that ETH 2.0 gas fees won’t be less, but the burn feature will go away. Basically they just don’t want miners building up their bags. They also chose 32 ETH as minimum stake because most can’t afford to lock up that much capital. ETH 2.0 isn’t about using less energy either as data centers consume way more power on a average than most mining farms. That energy consumption is just harder to identify.


  3. My conspiracy is that they keep saying don’t mine ETH so they can just make easier money via less competition

  4. Hell yes that means there’s a chance graphics cards will go back into stock eventually.

  5. Dear Sir, is “Ethereum Classic” not mineable with your mining equipment?

  6. The champion that comes along that brings the next golden era of gpu mining is already here and called FLUX

  7. Be careful taking a side here.
    I think it’s pretty neat we can finally land on a coin for day-to-day transactions. ETH has had huge fees, and I’ve rarely ever paid anything with ETH.
    Many people don’t recognize the actual low fee coins out there, and I think ETH can become the go-to coin for purchase/selling.
    Also, GPUs will (probably) get cheaper and easier to get you hands on.
    As for mining, there will always be something to mine, but maybe not as profitable

  8. Its sad to see that GPU mining is going to lose a lot of interest after ETH 2.0. What I really like about GPU mining is its pretty safe cuz even if its not profitable anymore you will always be able to sell your GPUs for a decent price or use it yourself for a build. Curious what the future of GPU mining will be 🧐


  9. I’ve been mining ETH since 2018. I learned about it from your YouTube channel. I continue to GPU mine it today and will continue until ETH POW ends. My hardware has been paid off multiple times over. When ETH POW ends, I’ll switch to another POW minable coin. Profits may not be as good, but all my gear is paid off. Passive all profit income!!!

  10. To be honest, when we started the crypto mining project I wasn’t sure we could pull this off but you certainly did it and did it well

  11. I don’t know when will it really move to ETH 2.0 PoS. But later on if it really does move then best is Flux coin and #BitcoinZ coin which is PoW and have a great future ahead 👍

  12. I predict eth mining will end Feb 2023. I have been watching your channel for a long time. You are the reason I decided to get a rig up and running and also got into NFTs. The journey has been fun and I look forward to seeing what is next for mining! 0xBd1fE6317F23bd1B0fA50B8b341ccC47864dd2F1

  13. When I saw the June 2022 projection date I felt that December would be a more accurate time frame. I couldn’t go ham on my mining rigs but 380-400 MH I got my investment back and more.👍🏽 Also like to thank Vosk for tons of info!

  14. Yo man, I’m a dev and I’m mining ETH. We’re not “greedy”, the devs have no input on the consensus model. And the joy you get from building rigs is the same a dev gets from writing code – it’s just hardware guys vs software guys. No need to throw stones at code monkeys – they’re just tech nerds of a different breed. Keep up the good videos and continue pushing out new content.

  15. I wouldn’t be mad if ETH 2.0 killed ETH, but I highly doubt that would be the case.

  16. Somewhat disappointing as I am just starting to break into GPU and ASIC mining. I do appreciate the content that you put on the channel. Thank you for all the information that you work so diligently to get out to us. Happy Mining!


  17. i think ETH is going to nuke itself with the move, might be good in the long term, but not for the short term as in this year

  18. Great video Vosk! I was just wondering when you were going to cover this topic. Would you agree that it would make more sense to hold off on buying any Ethash miners until the difficulty bomb is released? For whatever reason prices for Ethash miners haven’t really gone yet which seems odd. That said, it appears that resellers having a hard time selling them.

  19. @VoskCoin I’d also love to see a video on how the mining profitability will change once the difficulty bomb is released. There are several variables to consider…example: all that hashing power that will no longer be able to compete for ETH transactions.


  21. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me..I am currently impressed with all you do and I can’t take your effort in my life for granted

  22. This was real insightful, I wasn’t aware of that vitalik interview. Thanks for all the great content!
    ETH address in the reply below:

  23. This was such an awesome informative clip.
    Especially for someone who didn’t take the time to learn about $ETH early on

  24. *Me and my daughter🌈 reallyappreciate you for the eye operation bills paid I’m’ really excited about all what you have done I’m so grateful,, me and my daughter really appreciate sir thanks for the 0.13BTC…*

  25. With ETH history taken in consideration here I highly doubt we will get ETH 2.0 by summer this year. A difficulty spike yes and some associated updates with that, but I think end of the year or 2023 for the whole fresh burn into 2.0 is more realistic.

  26. Thanks you for the fantastic work 🤘you have been doing for me and my family lately….your hand work and dedication has really helped us out during a difficult time in our home. We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciate…

  27. Really excited about Flux. Building the infrastructure for Web 3.0 (think AWS), and transitioning to POuW is going to be huge.

  28. 🔥🤟🏻He was remembered and I’m glad to meet you sir I tried him out,, thanks to this team for the help I got my 2BTC back and my crypto was recovered successfully I’m so happy sir Joe!!!!

  29. I stopped mining it like 4 months ago, it’s just too high of difficultly for me.


  31. I so much appreciate this team, they just got $70,000 worth of bitcoin rn, they really surprised me I’m so happy

  32. There will not ever be an Ethereum 2.0, ever. It’s going to be called Consensus Layer.

  33. Getting a way to make Income without having to leave home is as easy as you all think it …. I have my source and I would always stick with his team

  34. He is a genius he showed me how to invest without getting any lost all thanks to him

  35. I am very happy for knowing him he has really changed my life all kudos to him

  36. Thanks for being the shoulder I can also depend on, I received the 2btc successful

  37. I’m actually tired of working about stocks…it’s driving me nuts these days, I think crypto investment is far better than stock..

  38. Eth 2.0 initially might not have the transaction capacity to handle all transactions. So GPU mining might last a bit longer into this year.

  39. Thank you for being our advocate and we appreciate all you have done in my life positively, I hope everyone else does say thank to them a lot for being so good for us.