IoTeX – IOTX Coin

Now at $0.21 – how to look at IoTeX (IOTX)

In this IoTeX Price Prediction and Technical Analysis, we will do a review of the IOTX crypto and compare the cryptocurrency in its performance. Is the IoTex IOTX token a good buy right now? Is IoTeX a good investment? We will do a crypto review and look at the IOTX Coin and this price prediction.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  1. Predictions shouldn’t only come from personal thought but news as well. You’re still seeming not focusing about improvements and news about IOTeX. Graphics can carry you one way from to another but they would be broken by news. I also should add that, we are in a bull market cycle and it mega alt rally still on the board. Short term ideas wouldn’t work in this cycle.

  2. Does’nt matter bro..i like your analys. Sometimes market “burn” analys 🤭🤭..what do you think about E cash(XEC) bro? Other analys say’s that will PUMP HUGE..much love from BALI, indonesia 🙏🙏

  3. Do your dd next time jesus christ
    This xompany is buillish its under valued now. Ur TA sucks.

  4. I was confused too.
    I got on binance waiting for a good pump thinking to hold till end of November., entry 0.18

  5. Thank for sharing, and remember the old seeing:
    “The wisest of people in this world are those that admit when they are wrong” great video, keep up the great content.

  6. You know what a big brain is? You do and you got one dude. You don’t know the future and the market can be irrational as well. Nobody can predict the future or short term action. One of my personal markers of intelligence is ones self awareness. Kudos. I wanna be your friend man. Want to do a video with me re strong? I have a LOT of weird data I’d like to share with you and maybe you can make the video?.

  7. I bought 500 iotex for dirt cheap way back by accident looks like it was a good thing

  8. just to let you know, the second big news come out already. in 2 days and 18h from now they will launch the Machine FI. that is helping the market to pump so much plus they giving away some NFT in these days too. nice time to hodle!

  9. your videos are a waste of time. everyone can look at graphics. Maybe start to talk about IoTeX as a company and not only about the price action.

  10. You are a great teacher. Several videos in now, your lessons have helped me put some of my own techniques together more holistically. 👌

  11. Do you recommend the IOTX native token or the ERC-20 version? I wonder which one the developers are actually building on.