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  1. One day, in the not too distant future, humanity will look back on this and laugh!

  2. I didn’t have enough when you first told us about OCM now I hugely regret it 😢

  3. happy for you elijah got the airdrop from OCM , for those who are new in NFT world, always DYOR before invest any in NFT, it is extremely high risk

  4. where have all the haters gone on the last vid??? Thanks so much for your first video HODL

  5. People will always doubt until they see it pan out. But luck is only when preparation meets opportunity. If you had an open mind you may have not ignored the tip a few months back, but it’s still not too late. This is the best of the best when it comes to an NFT. The team is one of a kind, truly.

  6. I think I need to mention that the genesis OCM was a FREE mint. No promos or anything. Pure organic growth!! Love my OCM, I wish I could afford more. ❤️⛓🐒

  7. Great video. Bullish on OCM. You’re crypto competent bro, why you saying ethereums still lol ;-)

  8. of course you will make a video eating all those desserts, right?? go easy on sugar bro, I`ve heard that they also have gluten free desserts for those who have allergies!!

  9. NFTs are not for broke people with no financial plan in place.. I remember when Elijah was called a sell-out for promoting this.. He simply invested what he could afford to lose and is now enjoying his investment.. Keep it up Elijah!

  10. The strategy for NFT investment is quite simple. You buy NFTs when the price of the chain it uses is at all time highs and sell them when it drops. This allows you to stack more of the chain crypto used to buy the NFT.
    The price of ETH has dropped by around 50% since the last video. This makes the NFT worth more in ETH to account for the price change. It is still a good growth rate of around 0.35 -> 1.88 5x of ETH making the total payoff right now around 2.5x (2x Realistic w/ gas fees and price slippage realistically) with the -50% in ETH price. Pretty good stuff for stacking crypto.

    Price of ETH around the last two videos -> 4.1k – 4.8k
    Price of ETH at this video -> 2.2k – 2.7k