Ecomi (OMI) will make millions


OMI where you can buy and sell digital collectibles is attracting billionaire
Investors from all over the world!

Given the current popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the fact that
Ecomi is best recognized for its NFT marketplace.

However, the ecosystem created by Ecomi is much more than that!
ECOMI is best known right now for its non-fungible token NFT marketplace,
given that NFTs are so hot currently. However the ecosystem created by
ECOMI is more than that, with the blockchain looking to eventually offer
users an all-in-one digital platform encompassing economy and security in
the digital space.

It is a Singapore-based project being supported by ORBIS Blockchain
Technologies Ltd. Besides its best known VeVe project the company is also
looking to solve issues related to security and data protection through the
development of the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet.

The team is also working to make cryptocurrencies more user-friendly, and
is doing this currently through the creation of its digital assets (NFT)
ecosystem on the blockchain.

With VeVe users get to enjoy the benefits of ownership, control, privacy,
and decentralization.

ECOMI’s aim is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, protect and
collect premium licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger

It consists of two elements, the VeVe marketplace (previously called the
ECOMI Collect ecosystem) and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet.

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  1. Finally financially free thanks to my friend that recommended MRS CHARLOTTE.

  2. Found out about OMI/VEVE last April. Stopped watching all other cryptos and just been focused on this project. Have about 80 different DCAs buys since. No plans to sell and in it for the long run. Could say I’m just a little bullish on this project! OMI is my homie!

  3. On a meme like Bull trend, like what happened with Dodgecoin, I say a dollar, on summer of NFTs 22

  4. I’ll buy £100 worth for now but i’ve got to do alot more research now. The migration has happened does that mean if you buy from bit forex then it will automatically be layer 2 or does it still need transferring to l2. Great video !

  5. Hi Jake, thanks for the great content 👌🏾. If I’m holding omi on OKX which is still on Gochain will the price action still match the new ECR-20 tokens which are migrated already on other exchanges?

  6. isnt it Pokemon a product that was popular 4 years ago? Im invested in OMI dont get me wrong but is there more?

  7. IMO the best project on the market for so many reasons. Long time holder right here! Totally confident!

  8. my biggest concern is how the burn doesn’t happen in the circulation. there will always be 300B coins in circulation

  9. This tokens should stay low in price cause its deflationary that means it 🔥 tokens the lower the price the more burns.

  10. New to crypto currency. Haven’t bought anything yet but might take it now before its too late

  11. Long time holder here! Tens of thousands in the project. But the negatives are now are definitely no ability to cash out gems and the huge token supply. I’ve been through the burn process a few times and its easy to get pumped about until you realize the burns come from the reserve wallet