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ORION PROTOCOL HUGE UPDATE… To everyone been following ORN – I have been vocal about my positions in our discord, see the linktree below to hop in there. We need to consistently choose winners in the short term, while maintaining a long term outlook as well.

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  1. Appreciate the update and it is surprisingly not fairing well. We’ll see if some of the updates help.

  2. Not a fan in its current form. Their TG is super quiet and the trading terminal has some bugs. Took a 1k loss and moved on.

  3. Agree a coins performance is based on tokenomics n how it is managed… those participants in the pool rewards are just selling off their ORN rewards. The terminal may be getting traction n updates/developments but the rewards structure needs to be addressed. ORN for me is definitely a 6-12 month hold, would love some price action in 2-3 months but we’ll see.

  4. 31% circulating supply can be a red flag and price has stagnated. I thought maybe this could be undervalued but maybe it’s overvalued instead idk yet. Still looking at this one, thanks for your content.

  5. Are those pegged coins? If you use Binance chain, it’s not a native DOT for example?

  6. Thanks for this video. Finally an explanation to why the tokenomics sucks. Still a project to monitor in the long run

  7. What do you think of syscoin and their blockchain? Please do a research and make a video 🙏