Orion Protocol – ORN Token


Watch the video. Look at what I found. Is this traditional TA? God no. Will it happen – it just f might.

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  1. I hope Orion is able to continue the momentum upwards & melt faces, do a solana/avax just keeps going up. However If we don’t & come back down to earth again be sure I am scooping a load more up.

  2. There is something up between Orion protocol and Coinbase. I think we will get news soon

  3. I dont get it. If it is an ERC20, therefore fonctioning on ethereum network, how are the fees supposed to be cheaper ?

  4. Im holding 500 ORN till a market cap of 100B. That meens it needs to go x420. Making it a $4200 coin. Easily possible 😎

  5. I hope your right I’m.holding 30,000 orn and feel like a right dumb ass for holding all the way from $3 upto $27 and back to $4 again…

  6. Dude I was looking at this project last night and the fundamentals are great! Then i looked at the chart and I knew it could at the least double in the next month – 2 months.. AT THE LEAST!

  7. dont invest in exchanges, they sell their loot, inflate their circulation and then you spend the best part of the bullrun waiting its price goes up again. All inflationary token metrics to screw the hodlr

  8. There is something odd with this coin, too good to be true, it has very consistent chart from the start up to now, it seems that something big has designed it so, ….

  9. I’m a little new to all of this and I want to get into being able to look at graphs and understanding these types of indicators. Would you guys know any really good youtube channels that teach this?
    Thanks love the vid!

  10. ORN the move is coming watch for some massive updates we start closing over 12.00-13.50 Area galactic move is imminent. New highs are coming. If you sold your shares on this last dip you got robbed.

  11. whats up with these cringy open mouth thumbnails? everytime people see it they don’t belive the youtuber

  12. Orion massive pump today because of the Update also chart’s for next few days showing massive rup up.

  13. Can you explain why there is such a difference in the valuation of these DEXs? Like Orion vs. Uniswap… why is one worth a couple hundred millions and the other is worth over 10B? I’d assume it has a lot to do with the volumes going through those exchanges, which probably has a lot to do with the overall quality and performance of the exchange – but does Orion really have that much worse product? Or is there just more and better networks behind the more highly valued projects?