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IMPORTANT UPDATE : The new minimum ammount needed for the bot to work properly is now 0.4 BNB due to higher transaction fees. Lower than 0.4 BNB will just burn your funds. Also you have to be on Mainnet or this won’t work.

In this video I am showcasing how to run and deploy a LEAKED $15000 Front Running bot written with Solidity. With this, you will be able to passively generate thousands a day, all from the comfort of your own home. Remember, keep this video low-key! We dont want many people to find out and take away our profits.

The way front running bots work is very simple:
– Bots locate any new liquidity added to a BSC token
– Bots immediately buy milliseconds before the confirmation of liquidity
– Then sell seconds after for guaranteed profit
– 90% of the profit is sent back to your wallet, 10% is kept for the next transaction

Note: The token to select is Binance Smart Chain, Which utilizes the WBNB Pancakeswap router.

== LINKS ==

Metamask :

Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain :

Remix :

Smart Contract : (Copy and Paste as it is)

Step by Step Guide :

Good front-running!


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  1. Please note that a minimum of 0.4 BNB is required for the bot to work well. The more you put into the bot, the bigger your profits will be!
    🙌 Happy front running!

  2. I though this trick was dead but still working fine for PancakeSwap and BSC, that could be a huge mistake from them, earned good return dude

  3. This is a great example of putting your money to work, earned 9 so far! Awesome

  4. Thank you so much i really dont know how to say it but because of you i can get more crypto now i really love you

  5. Awesome video buddy! I hope you create more content like this. Already up 7 BNB.

  6. Got it to work with a small amount, do I need to fund the contract with more bnb later?

  7. wow seeing this is like a mistery gift alreadfy got 9 bnb out of it and gonna prepare gifts to some friends

  8. This is amazing, I put 1 bnb and got 8 bnb in just 2 mins. Amazing. Been running the cycle 3 times now, This is a lifesaver!

  9. Not gonna lie this bot saved my porfolio i went in with 1 bnb and from the first contact made 11 bnb this is sick.

  10. After a long time of hazzle it also worked for me :) I am also deeply into crypto and the explanation somewhat too complicated but it works!

  11. I’m absolutely amazed by this tutorial. I’m going to follow this step by step and hopefully generate the same results. I’m new to crypto and am just starting to get my head round it. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone that has the same interest in it so I rely on YouTube and news letters. If you can recommend where I can get more info or know of any community that are newbie friendly where I can meet and learn more please let me know, I’d really appreciate it! Great video by the way and thanks

  12. Can you make a Ethireum version? I already have a decent amount of bnb and would be nice to accumulate some ETH too

  13. I have 2 questions. When I hit action it runs the bot. Does the bot ever stop or does it keep on going and do I have to keep sending money to the contract to keep it running?

  14. I’m very new to this, I deployed the code, transfer the fund (But I just try with 0,1BNB) and clicked on action button, But then what’s next? How do I know it’s running? Is that all? Anything else I need to do? Since there’s nothing happen, I click the action button twice, is that a problem?

  15. I read all comments to see what people were talking about and decided to try with 0,4 Can confirm it works, But I have a question, can I do more than 1 contract? thanks

  16. Wow Finally the True Bot!! i was searching for this front Run Bot for a Long Time , i had started with 2 BNB Now it’s almost 6 BNB thank you so much

  17. hi am just new to this, what if i do not have any fund in my new wallet can i make some 0.5 BNB..

  18. Hello, after ending the process, do i need to create another bot? Or is there a way that i can reuse it?

  19. Thanks again , i got 3 BNB of profit today Finally i will buy iPhone 13 Pro Max

  20. Bro I love you… first I thought its a scam but it fcking works. man you have saved me. I am subscribing for more :)

  21. WTF Dude this trick should not spread too much. It will be taken down. I made 10.7 BNB with 1.5 BNB. Gold bless you brother

  22. Bro I am making 10 BNB with 1. in just 1 hour. how is this bot not viral yet lol.