PancakeSwap – Cake Token

Pancakeswap’s New Roadmap!!! Massive Change!!!!

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  1. Nice PCS inflation analysis. Most folks do put their hand up and shout “Inflationary!” without going a bit deeper. “And here we have a list” *extreme closeup of list* lol!

  2. pancakeswap doesn’t bring down the APY. it doesnt matter if apy is 30% or 60%. the more cake is staked the lower the APY, only thing that affects this is reducing the emissions. that is now 14.5 cake per block.

  3. DEFI has been pretty shit for the past 6 months though, the narrative is pushing hard for NFTs and Metaverse this year, Layer 1s had their field day in 2nd half of last year.

  4. Cake will never recover to ATH, even if btc pumps. CAKE was hyped in the past only because shitcoins were a thing back in the days. Pancakeswap got super famous and so did CAKE. At the moment, cake is going to be dropped more and more as more tokens appear and new projects get hype. Please guys don’t enter in CAKE, and if you are already invested, good luck :S

  5. These deflationary mechanics are not going to save CAKE. It’s useless because they produce so much more than they burn.

  6. Well Explained and very good video.
    One day people understand this situation but it will be too late for them.
    Keep it up my friend 👍 👍 Your videos are awesome

  7. 15,00 avarage price, almost 1000 cakes, worry so much dropped x2 times, but think if tockenomics will be much better it can pump alot, do u think for 18$ need sell all or just some part?

  8. Look at the burn address, weekly burn is around 7’000 CAKE which is very low. And it doesn’t change a lot which means that “additional deflationary mechanisms” add almost nothing.

  9. Hey bro.. I luv ur analysis. I personally think cake could even go to 60-100 USD this year, if the market performs well :) I’m interested to hear your opinion, since you’re a cake specialist. Peace Steve

  10. I enjoyed the video and agree with all points. Except I exit cake in April / May 21 for BTC because it dips less than alt on downtrend and now back on cake at 7.50 because of the new roadmap and low price I see it undervalued and with some potential great news coming next months. So good luck and trust in MasterChefs.