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Peridot Acquisition Corp SPAC (PDAC SPAC) Li-Cycle Merger? HUGE SPAC EV Play! Buy Now? PDAC Stock!

Today I talk about Peridot Acquisition Corp Stock or PDAC stock that is in talks to merge with Li-Cycle! This could be a huge EV stock play that is slightly different than others we’ve talked about. Li-Cycle is currently a leader in recycling lithium ion batteries and they’re looking to expand! Is PDAC the SPAC to buy now? Will Li-Cycle go public with PDAC SPAC? Let’s talk about it! PDAC stock analysis Li-Cycle stock analysis! This one might be a huge EV spac stock for us to be in!

Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the stock market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing! I am not liable for any losses based on statements I make on YouTube or any other platforms, please seek professional help before investing into the market. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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  1. Im convinced in the first 2 min 1k goes in.. bro chek SLBS i think its a buy

  2. I’ll take a look at this one too coming tomorrow! I’m also from Toronto lol. What’s your favorite SPACs at the moment? I’m still holding GIK and BFT strong but kind of kicking myself for selling my CCIV at 23 and transfer that money to a bad investment lol.

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  4. I have couple hundred shares of PDAC. The other EV battery recycle stocks I owned are ABML AMYNF REZZF. Redwood material is the best battery recycle player in the industry. They might merge with SPAC.

  5. 7b value, amyzf can be 7b too 20x US national defense contract. Spac always have ceiling.

  6. APXT merger is just 5 weeks away and I can’t wait. BFT to the moon and PDAC is definitely an interesting spac that I’ll keep my eye on