Polkastarter – POLS Token

Polkastarter explained in under 5 minutes. (cryptocurrency)

What is an IDO?
Polkastarter is the leading platform for crypto IDOs, or Initial Decentralized Offerings. But what exactly are IDOs, and why are they so beneficial to the fundraising ecosystem for both the projects that are raising funds and the participants who are buying tokens? We answer that for you.

What is Polkastarter?
Polkastarter is a platform helping early stage projects bring their ideas to life by distributing tokens among a dedicated and passionate community. It does this by launching pools that have a maximum amount of tokens they can distribute and a cap on the amount each participant can buy.

What is the POLS Token?
The POLS token is an integral part of the Polkastarter ecosystem and IDO process in particular. Owning POLS tokens gives community members greater chances of being successfully selected to participate in an upcoming IDO. The more you own, the greater your chances!


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    Make a video from A to Z about using Polkastarter .
    Starting with Pols from Binace and using Metamask connected to Polkastarter.