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Polygon Network (MATIC) Technical Analysis | MATIC to Break Out? Token Metrics AMA

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Polygon Network (MATIC) technical analysis.

MATIC to break out.

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  1. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of jobs caused by covid 19 pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.

  2. matic did actually move today and it’s trying to break out of the triangle. Sure polygon now has competitors but why would Solana have 5x the market cap of polygon?

  3. This is 3 days old. Why everyone I watch your videos they are out dated. Should have released that 3 days ago

  4. is this guy ever bullish on anything? i always get the feeling that these video are all gear toward selling their services. if anyone actually uses the service please let us know if they ever get anything right.

  5. Old videos. Why posting older videos? It doesn’t make sense to follow your youtube with old videos.

  6. Thanks guys. Matic has pumped since this vid was uploaded. You can’t win them all notorious.