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Polygon Token Set To Explode | MATIC Sentiment & Technical Analysis Update

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Over the past week, MATIC price surged as much as 25%, booking a third weekly advance. Polygon has formed a massively bullish chart pattern that suggests that the layer two token is yet to climb another 67%, forming a new all-time high. On this episode, we’re looking into technical and sentiment data, which may suggest a massive climb to $5-$10 price.

Guest: Evan Aldo
Evan Aldo Youtube Channel ➜ https://bit.ly/EvanAldo

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~Polygon Token Set To Explode | MATIC Sentiment & Technical Analysis Update~
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  1. How can eth be considerd a risk….everything worthy is being developed on eth…do u think another blockchain will surpass it like solana…?

  2. Great analysis video on $matic. I’d like to see one on $celr. In September it went from $0.02 up to $0.20 and now it’s around $0.12 – $0.14 range. I didn’t see much buzz about it and curious about this project. TIA!

  3. Was hoping it hit 10,12 dollars just based off the fundamentals, india utilization of it, cheaper on nfts and the bull run top off

  4. Paul you are on top your game bro, keep it up. Helping people is what matters in this world. Love you bro 😎

  5. Been in matic since $0.02. Sold about 40% of my position. Just staking the rest for now. One of my best performing coins.

  6. I’d love to hear your thoughts on API3 Oracle. Low cap, great staking opportunities and big backers to the project.

    Thanks for all you do.

  7. I’ve had a larger eth holding than btc since the March crash of 2020

  8. PB thanks very much for the quality content. Could you do an analysis of XDC? Similar to XRP but for trade finance, and it has strong ties to R3 Corda. Thanks!

  9. I agree with you guys.. I’m long on Matic. Just subscribed to the channel. Pat from South Africa

  10. Super long and bullish on MATIC, been in since March.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on ONE, that’s another coin I’m feeling the exact same way about as MATIC.
    And it’s undervalued imo. I see it around 55c to 60c right now.

  11. Awesome info on polygon , what’s your take on ICP , also GRT, and COTI ?

    Also how do you like projects LUNA & AVAX ?

  12. Good investment but to much manipulation and whales in this coin…its undervalued for what it’s doing now. Should be at its all time high and consolidating for the next leg up….charts are healthy and couple of interesting stories that if implemented can actually surprise…

  13. I follow you and listen to you from Portugal essentially on the Spotify Podcast. Why is spotify’s podcast always so late compared to videos on youtube? Often they practically lose their usefulness and momentum. Can spotify podcasts keep track of the time of youtube videos? thanks and congratulations

  14. I am so thankful for you John. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for us.

  15. Any insights on LINK? Thanks for the MATIC update, been holding since .045 and earning insane apy on Celsius

  16. If discussing Matic Sentiment, discuss DraftKings and the NFT exposure that gives matic..

  17. its great to see evan aldo leveling up like this gotta love how crypto brings people together like this and provide opportunities for everyone to make it.

  18. I’m waiting for an explosion and so far I’m buying usdt to save assets.

  19. Can you guys do an analysis on $HEX? Its the first CD on the blockchain, runs on Ethereum. Can also be bought on MATIC Network.

  20. Hey Paul. I dont think ‘PLANB’ was off with the 63k call.. the candle close was Sunday at 8pm. I got it mixed up as well with the time difference/zones and days..

  21. bitcoin is boomer coin. it def helped me start my journey though….everyone should start in bitcoin and once you master that. then move on. its a good learning tool for noobs

  22. A $10 Matic would place matic between XRP and Cardano in rank???????? I highly doudt a layer 2 could do that?? Am i wrong do you think? I may be but that would rank Matic number 6. Or actually, Am i wrong because the whole market would increase in value? Any one got any help with my question please?

  23. I have been holding for awhile now, the market dynamism is really getting me uncomfortable here, I really need help deciding.

  24. I am new at this how high do you think polygon will go this bull run when is the best time to sell

  25. I love BTC but I think this is ETH’s market cycle and will outperform BTC. I consider BTC and ETH equal Blue Chip Cryptos all else are Alt Coins.

  26. Been hearing Polygon to explode for more than 18 months now.. nothing happens.
    There’s a saying.. even a broken clock is right twice a day!

  27. “tWo DoLlArS iS a SaFe BuY iN” “iTs NoT gOnNa CoRrEcT” 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡