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Post Saitamask Event

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  1. As soon as I see the long face Adam is given me I know the event didn’t go as planned. I went in to look at the app I see we’re down 34+%.

  2. I still believe the product has a huge potential for success. You guys need to hold on and stop panicking.

  3. I’m still holding russ did not make promises he said they to wait for the audit I. Holding

  4. I truly believe in saitama but that’s why you always buy the rumor sell the news

  5. U earned my respect for speaking about the event while u are there. Can’t say the same for other you tubers. I didn’t let the fud get to me, but they probably should’ve drank off camera and treated this event more business like.

  6. The devs still showed promise, Max was professional and gave us good info, it’s just the environment that it was presented in was disappointing.

    People getting drunk and screaming wolf pack every other minute wasn’t the best way to present this token.

  7. Nothing but love for Adam Thank you for all your coverage I’ve lost faith in SAITAMA being a legit coin or company. I’m going to continue to HOLD and hope

  8. ADAM, you are fantastic and you are one of my favorite youtubers so no issues there. but i dont here the excitement in your voice about saitama anymore. Im waiting on your DD report on a new project

  9. Sad that the engineers overpromise and under deliver (Certik) embarrassed CEO Russell. BUY THE DIP. The amount of tokens being burned right now is ridiculous

  10. It was horrible. I think they should have never announced it until it was ready. It u want people to take ur company seriously u have to conduct yourself professional. Never show ur hand until u have everything together.

    I’m going to buy some on LBank. U get static rewards which is the same as reflections. No gas fees

  11. I’m very disappointed there was no mention of the so called Royal Family, Hilton Hotel, Major U.S. Hospital billing and no App being launched at the event.  What a tremendous let down.

  12. Adam, you are one in a million, you are the most genuine, honest person I’ve ever watched. Thank you so much for your updates.

  13. Yo did Saja Just pulled the rug I could see my shares but I can’t see my money in my crypto wallet Adam

  14. Yo Adam I just wish that it was you the one with 15k ppl live on the event. I understand that he is a wild nice guy and all but asking ppl for money is not ok, anyways I am not selling a single token

  15. Adam, you are the man, very professional 👏, but Jake gagain Omg he was drinking 🍸 🤣

  16. 200k holders all with different opinions and expectations. Saitama is doing a great job! If your in, we are early be happy and chill.

  17. Buy SHIB!!! Don’t make these clowns rich! Buy SHIB! It’s not a long term play, it’s a CON, by you and the other clowns.

  18. If you believe in the fundamentals of Saitama and can see the vision, whether you liked or disliked the event wouldn’t still allow you to hold or buy the dip. I think the dip was attributed to a combination of whale manipulation (or even rival token holders to purposely cause fud), noobs who bought into the fud and forgot what the value of Saitama is, and those who sold to get some profit back. In the end, people make their own choices, and if the reason to sell was because they disagreed with how the event went, then they’re not true Saitama investors to begin with.

  19. As you stated, the ones who are gone are the people looking to get rich overnight. As they sell, I buy😏😎

  20. I just took a my initial investment plus a little profit. Used it to diversify. Still hodling 85%

  21. It looked gimmicky and unprofessional if you ask me. It felt like a pep rally too much hype 🙄 Def disappointing but I’m gonna hold on and wait til Saita mask drops. I appreciate you bro thank you.

  22. Thank you for being the professional we needed… it was , what it was… just billed incorrectly. I bought more on the dip…

  23. Although I was underwhelmed by the event and disappointed with jakes performance for reason that are obvious if you watched the stream. I will not give up on Saitama! It’s still a meaningful project that will blow up. Will it release on any major exchanges before Saitamask launch?

  24. It was stated before the event from Russ that because of the Certik audit it wasn’t going to be “released” and the hold up wasn’t on the Saitama team but Certik.

    My two cents…still a good event…expectations should be managed better. The Metaverse thing and the Lilly crypto is still huge. When it dipped…I dropped a stack.

  25. What a bunch of whiney-ass crybabies. This token has gone up like 9000% since September and folks are complaining because they didn’t hear a Coinbase or Binance announcement. This project is still the best in crypto. If you’re in it you’re going to make a lot of money. Saitamask is going to be a killer. All those other tokens already on board. This is GOLD! It’s practically a fricken’ exchange that is going to burn zeros off of Saitama in the coming months. If you didn’t like what you heard then sell. Don’t come back and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Not you Adam. Lol. These guys have been working relentlessly FOR FREE for months now to serve their holders. Let me know when you get that from Bitcoin. Whiney crybabies. Sheesh.

  26. Everyone on youtube was very angry, however the positive side is no other crypto throw such a party at this magnitude ever. This was the first and it went down as history. The outlook is bright because Saitama dare to do and go to new territory. This is very important in crypto – unafraid to do things that never done before.

  27. Official Crypto Cowboy Token (OCCT) is where Saitama was before June 2021.
    Honest, Doxxed Dev team. Great Community. Renounced ownership. We are following in Saitama’s footsteps. You may see us on Saitamask soon

  28. Greatness takes time!! If you sold in the FUD, you got GOT and you deserve to have to pay more later to get back in!! Saitama to the moon STILL 🌙🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  29. What they gave us last night they could of said that on social media. They didn’t even mention what exchanges they gonna be on. That’s really what I wanted to hear and then I assumed SataMask was gonna be launched last night. I’m glad I didn’t waste money flying to Las Vegas. Reminds me what Elon Musk did with SNL. I should of went to bed early. However, I still believe in this. So I’m HOLdLing.

  30. I’m still holding on, Saitama will make me a Millionaire when it hits 5 zeros. I believe in this project. 💪🏾🙏🏽

  31. Luffy is the future..Do a video about luffy man. Saitama dev team has made their money.Now giving fake promises .They honestly dont want to do anything with this shitoin. Investors are the ones who wanted to see more growth on this to grow their money.Invest in luffy, no fake promises, true professionals behind it.

  32. They threw JAKE GAGAIN a big bday party.!! Saitama just paid for that frat party.! I’m glad you didn’t join that crowd man.! Glad I didn’t spent my money traveling to Vegas for that.

  33. Can you check out Totoro inu ? And let me know wha you think? Thank you!!

  34. What they should’ve done was used a large ball room. Could’ve filmed all they wanted to. Night club was wrong venue to choose from. Why they didn’t reveal saitamask is what I don’t get! I get they couldn’t launch it yet because the audit isn’t done yet.

  35. I’m just going to buy the dip no reason it should be down as far as it is

  36. Missed Saitama??
    Next 200X is FREN

    FREN Has only 1 Trillion tokens in total
    45,000 times smaller than Saitama !!!

    FREN at 15 Million Market Cap
    Will hit 50 Million MC this week
    100 Million Next week IMO

    Possible to hit 2 Billion MC
    By EOY

    Get in the FREN_ZONE

    As always do your own DD

    Go Saitama
    GO FREN $$$

    Good Luck my friends ;-)