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Protocol: Tomb Finance on Fantom, Algo Coin Farming?


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  1. Hey before I forget. They have auto compounding tomb-ftm on reaper as well. I dont know which you like better but I personally like reaper more.

  2. Hey!!!!! — I know you’re posting cause I just saw you post and delete a video. Will you please speak to me somehow? I’m on discord > root/

  3. Does it compound every day since it states a daily APR, if so, wouldnt the APR be higher than 304%?

  4. Hi Stephen – love your work. You’re explanations of protocol mechanics are invaluable.
    One point on $TOMB you should include is the service fee when selling $TOMB, which ranges from 1% to as high as 20%. That could influence someone’s decision to enter the TOMB-FTM-LP.

  5. It concerns me slightly that the operators don’t know how to spell “cemetery” ( 2:03 right hand side). Although they do spell it correctly on the homepage masthead (0:00 top).

  6. I thought this failed. When their gatekeeper got exploited and everything went to hell.

  7. Love how you are just an honest straight up guy. Not always asking for subs and likes man. You keep it up brother.

  8. I’ve been seeing Scarecrow rise to the top of the lists at Grim Finance in the last couple days- have you looked at it and if so do you have an opinion? Guessing from your previous videos, you probably don’t like the native coin, but would love to hear your thoughts.

  9. Tomb will end in the same way as the BSC algorithmic coins like BDO/ SBDO earlier in the year. Maybe on Fantom it will have a better chance. Not sure but I think you can make money on this while the market is hot

  10. Any insights on Morpheus? I’ve been looking at their apy’s and it seems too good to be true, whats the catch?

  11. You got a telegram or anything? You’re throwing some great videos out. Stumbled upon you when doing some reading/watching on wonderland.

  12. I just discovered this from watching some whale wallets in the coolest new projects. Good to see ohm mentality modified.

  13. HIGH VALUE vid, thank you. May I ask if one stakes the TOMB-FTM LP on Grim (instead of on the main Tomb website), does one miss out on the T-Share reward benefit? The consolation being that Sweet Mary M.O.G. APY on Grim?

  14. It should be noted that TOMB follows FTM so impermanent loss is limited in LP. Also the APR in the masonry will go much higher once the treasure is filled up from being over peg. Also if it goes below peg and stops printing in the Masonry, you will not get paid for that epoch(6 hours). Auto compounders will get paid since they use the LP’s and not the masonry.

  15. What I still do not understand is that is it better to go thorugh the official website on the route of FTM/TOMB FARMING –» TSHARE HARVESTING –» STAKING T-SHARE FOR TOMB –» AGAIN FARMING TOMB with FTM to HARVEST TSHARE, etc. OR. Just go to a Beefy or some compunding site and compound FTM/TOMB yield farming?

  16. Hello I was wondering if you knew why my wmemo is not showing on my metamask. I was in the middle of the wmemo on abracadabra video you made now its gone out of my wallet. I thought is was because I didnt have FTM. Basically wmemo is gone . Like the fees at it all up. im freeking out a little. Avalanche network says I have 0.03 left , I started with .3 memo

  17. You are so enthousiastic when you see opportunities. Now on halloween I want tombs…👍👍👍 Happy Halloween..

  18. I went to grim finance to autocompound but the APY is like 40% now, any insights on this?

  19. Thanks for a great short and easy to understand presentation on tomb finance. A newbie managed to stake her FTM and TOMB. Can you please expand on the grim finance auto-compounding. Can you stake your already staked LP tokens from Tomb finance, so that the rewards are automatically re-staked or what exactly did you mean. Would really appreciate a reply. Thank you

  20. hey what wallet do you need for these fantom plays? I only have it on a CEX currently, thanks

  21. Hi, when I provide Tomb-FTM LP on Grim, Do I still get TShare when I unlock it…? Hope q makes sense, uber noob farmer here… tnx!!

  22. Got my subscribe! I’d be super keen to see a video of how to optimise your yield – ie how to split your investment across the cemetery / masonry to maximise those sweet sweet profits.

  23. Curious how this is gone for you now that it’s been 2 weeks? Thanks for the video, very useful. Heard you on mission defi, good stuff

  24. Been using cefi so long, just started learning this defi stuff. The learning curve is tough but wow so far worth it

  25. Hey, can you review the new grim finance tomb pools (60/40 TOMB-FTM and TSHARE MASONRY VAULTS) It looks good. Just wondering if you can do the maths :D to see if we are better off with existing pools than these new ones.

  26. I have FTS TOKEN in My BINANCE SMART CHAIN main NETWORK inside of my METAMASK wallet. How do I transfer my FTX TOKEN to my FANTOM OPERA NETWORK inside of METAMASK.


  27. Hi Good Project Very Excited About This Great Project And Amazing Community Of This Great Project

  28. Did you get caught up in the Grim hack? I just subscribed a few days ago and I’m going through some older videos.