PulseSwap: PulseChain Yield Farming


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  1. We really need to start talking about tax and how to minimize the tax burden. A lot of people will get burnt by the taxman when they start making $20,000 plus.

  2. I never hear anybody talk about the HEX being held on Polygon Network. Is it gonna work the same? Will we get the 1:1 pHEX?

  3. That initial dip is serious. Would you sac or wait for initial dip.
    Maybe no big dip if liquidity is only by sacrificers?

  4. You know the drill Hexicans. Buy Hex now, price pumps, more PulseSwap sacrifice value! Beautiful. Be first, biggest bang.

  5. I was thinking bout making my first HEX video on this but imma just link em here lmao thx Gerardo!

  6. How many X’s do you think PulseSwap could do short term compared to uniswap etc? 10x?

  7. Thanks for you take, great video as always, …shared the hell out of this, like and subscribe

  8. Perfect timing, just finished your pulse pancake swap video from 3 months ago! Way to go Gerardo, can’t wait for the sacrifice phase.

  9. I was fully staked but today I bought more liquid HEX to sacrifice for PulseSwap soon

  10. Can we stake only the PulseSwap token to earn yield like staking the Cake token on Pancake swap?

  11. Thank you sweet vid, yesterday pulseswap was a mystery, now its not after your explanation

  12. Thx for the stream bro.. So excited to become a farmer! What other pairs are you interested in?

  13. Great video Gerardo. Just to be clear, a PulseSwap sacrifice would just be for that token, correct?

  14. Any dates on anything, maybe main net launch or when will this new sacrifice be or anything, because everyone is talking and talking, invest in hex, pulse chain is coming, we gonna have the largest airdrop in history, and so on. And now a new sacrifice new airdrop… So they haven’t finished a previous project and they are starting a new one…Improving the previous… So my question is, Why would anyone sacrifice any more money for anything, cause we don’t have any info from the previous sacrifice. No launch date or anyting. Why would anyone invest or stake any more money in hex, cause the price is constantly dropping, all we have is just that sweet talk that something is coming and no one knows when?

  15. Hey Gerardo,
    Great to have you back. Do you have any idea what kind of APY we can generate when we provide liquidity with our liquid hex for example? Or for PLS?

  16. ‪Just a thought though !!!! if only hex is good for sacrifice to drive our price higher everyone buying it!!!!and so who is in hex get rewarded plus less hex drives price higher??? What you guys think ???🤔 🤔 we can get to a $100 much faster!!!!‬🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  17. Some big stakes ending Dec 2. I heard many are OA stakes (although I thought the OA doesn’t stake but anyway). If they are OA stakes, imagine if after 2 weeks the OA did nothing, and the penalties get paid to all stakers lol?! You may ask why would it do that. Well if huge stakes end and it’s not restaked, that’s possibly going to result in sell pressure which isn’t desirable. If penalties are paid the HEX just changes hand and the OA also gets 50% of it. So the HEX is still locked up, thus no sell pressure.

  18. So why would anyone sacrifice when they could just buy the dump at the very beginning of listing if sushi and cake historical chart is any indication?

  19. bob-swap. 3 letter dictionary word, cant be misspelled. And everyone knows a bob. Please pass this on to richard.

  20. This is making HEX and PLS more bullish than ever! We are fortunate to be here at this great time in history!

  21. But will it be the Interface from uniswap or pancakeswap? Because on pcs there Are Pools on uniswap Not

  22. I tried pancake swap, and it seems to me that I can earn only CAKE, not BNB, by providing liquidity. Assuming BNB,CAKE on BSC is akin to PLS,PLS_SWAP on Pulse, can we earn PLS on pulse swap or only PLS_SWAP?

  23. Love your stuff (but) however I love it more if you used however over but , as but creates a psychological negative, there’s nothing negative in what you do, 😉 😜 just saying 😉

  24. Is it worth creating a stake ladder with hex for the next 10-15 years? Or go towards trying to invest in PLS?

  25. Since I missed the opportunity for hex, it seems that it would be best for me to wait until hex is copied over and buy those ones for a fraction of the price. Does this make sense? And as people bridge hex over from Ethereum, and more ppl speculate on future price of copied hex, the price would rise. What do you think?

  26. gerardo, one more question – will we be able to be a liquidity provider on pulse swap with our staked hex?

  27. snowflakes are HEXagons….HEX coin $0.16 dont sleep december 4 2021

  28. RH probably has a better name already in mind, but I’m a big fan of Throbswap or HeartSwap
    Throbswap because of obvious inside jokes (You take your Pls, swap it for Throb so you can earn yield lol) but also because of the name of “HeartThrobs” for sacrificers.
    Heartswap just because it fits.
    Heart’s law and all that

  29. I’ve watched this twice now so far… great information brotha.. thanks for all you do