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Quick Update: Saitama Updates on Press Releases From Saitama Token

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  1. Adam good sir, life tip. No one likes hearing the clicking sound for each key being pressed why you text. Shut that shit off😅🤣😂 JP!🤪

  2. The thing is they need to get the shit fully legit before they even mention it to us & after its all legit then have a live ama about it and deliver! This is twice now for them, it will push people away if they keep that up. Stop hyping us up just to not deliver.

  3. Interesting team. I think more marketers than tech but once the mask comes we will see their tech strength. They are ambitious which is great not perfect but these guys got alot of potential!

  4. One thing at a time just stick to saita mask! Who’s going to do business with you if you have no proof of delivering a product 🤔

  5. Honestly, I thought we were getting news on coinbase and got excited, but I guess we have to wait longer to see

  6. Man these guys are full of crap raking in millions to tell us nothing but wait it coming where over waiting show me

  7. Need to start delivering on these. Load of nothing but hype so far, can’t even sort out their own tech for an online talk.

  8. Obviously they have not learned their lesson. I see no experience in public communication displayed in the last few weeks since the Saitamask Event. They are highly disorganized even though they have a good intention. Why would you, at COO/CEO level, come out to make announcement about the so-called BIG THING when you have not crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. Do we need to be kep in suspense and make people continuously lose confidence in your ability???? THE TEAM NEEDS HELP! I wish I could help them.

  9. Aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhh Nexo/Saitama pair 💥💥💥💥💥🚀💥🐺🚀 Saitama 🚀💥🐺

  10. Saitama is the winner 2022 and we will be rich , oh and by the way Tsuzuki Inu and Mononoke Inu …suck bad !