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REALISTIC Way To Make ₹100 Crores in Stock Market (Low Risk)

P R Sundar shares a realistic and less risky method to make Rs.100 Crores in Stock Market Trading. “You need ultra high capital or you must make ultra high ROI to make big money” is just a MYTH.
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  1. This is the one of the best advice from the legend… I am a beginner and definitely it’s helpful

  2. But it is very very very difficult to make 2% with 10 crore capital after slippages & costs.

  3. What you missed is one black Swan event can wipe 50 percent of your capital.

  4. Sir i request you plz reply me on comment ur starting trading career u should follow same rule or after intraday profit u work this style. Awaiting your response

  5. Sir REALLY felt good n inspired by ur this advice, how u said if u have pasiece u can win the race 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  6. But in reality it is not at all like thi, 100 – 102 .
    Next month 1 would need to invest 102 earn 2 % = around 104-105.

    Which means whatever money one is earning, he/she needs to invest entire capital again next month. And repeat process.
    Now, 100 become 110, then if 1 % loss capital will become 108.9.

    Whatever you told is good to see. The main thing is strategy to implement.

  7. Sir, my income is infinite negative. How long I have to wait to turn it into
    positive income?

  8. Sir u r super. i am following u since last 3 months and i have seen change in my mentality in stock market. there are many fake gurus who mislead new comer’s

  9. Sir this videos is really fantastic and very good message to the learners and new people who are into stock market.

  10. Excellent sir 👌👏👏👏👍
    Thanks much to you always for explaining us very simple and approachable methods 🙏🙏🙏
    More power and strength to you and pray for your best of health 🙏
    Sir, with all due respects, Nifty website itself confirms 15% ROI on an average, thus People should consider 15x15x15 method too , which is 15000 rupees per month at 15% per annum ROI to make 1 crore by 15 years 🙏
    Sir, Ramesh Damani sir always said trust in india and once said Indian market never sleeps & we have 1.3B population where least percentage have invested in the markets thus opportunities are higher.
    My point is there are top 10/11 MCAP stocks which you invest and leave it thus gives you humongous returns on longer run.
    Everyone wants Salary increase every year so does the Organizations wants growth every year , thus trend shows every 3/5/7 years , share price increases consistently and they will split the share price and give you more on return.
    You mentioned it, people who have patience and perseverance will surely make it.
    People should visit the official records and trend in the NSE and BSE website.
    Example: BSE was 26000 during 2016 and it went almost 48000 by 2021 , I rest my case.
    Thank you for your time reading my long message.

  11. Every one should watch this video👌👏👍👍.
    Practical and realistic💯

  12. Very nice and wonderful video sir
    But I have 15 lakh capital
    Is there any course for me…. thanks

  13. 100 crore after 30 years is not less it is 8.19 crores todays worth if we make it inflation adjustment at 8% pa . Today 8.19 crores is huge money for a middle class family

  14. Beautiful video sir,,,, we need such type of pure knowledge videos… 🙏🙏Thank you

  15. 10:50 your networth is 550 c and it will be 100 c.. means u loose money

  16. I don’t know why, if u want to earn 2% P.M. , you should do risky things like trading.. just invest in good shares, that alone will give you minimumest 25% P.M. guaranteed….

  17. With all due respect, I must say that Mr. Sundar is by far the most practical, straightforward, humble and no nonsense trader that I have ever come across. I wish him great success in all his ventures and I am really looking forward to seeing you hit 100 crores! But Sir, please also think about us budding traders and do offer us your valuable guidance in our journey!

  18. Sir Pl. Don’t sell dreams !! It’s easier said than done..Data shows that only 1-2 trader makes money out of 100 in stock market that means 99% traders loss money , let alone making 2% returns on capital consistently through trading.

  19. It sounds easy on paper but making 2% per month consistently is extremely difficult

  20. I agree your theory, but with such small capital (1L or 10L) it is not possible to achieve 24% ROI consistently. Also there are years like 2008 and 2020 where unpredictable thinks happen. With such small capital is money market right option? or derivatives? for sure derivative marker this capital is not enough.

  21. There is a famous saying …Stock Market is the only place where you get rewarded for doing nothing ..just wait and watch and have patience … also took Warren Buffett a lot of time to be what he is today. It’s better to have 100 crore at age 60 than being broke

  22. Sir, I am new to the market but I used to watch all your videos. When comes to trading I am sick bcoz of risk factors. But I used to invest in mutual funds past 4 years that mutual fund gave me a decent return of around 20% per annum. My question is instead of taking a risk and watching my portfolio can I continue to invest in a mutual fund where I get decent returns? Also, trading is more important than mutual fund investment, kindly suggest. Thank you sir for all your input.

  23. Sir your word are way tooooo valuable for me it changed my mindset. Love you sir

  24. I loose interest to troll or comment or curse p r sundar day by day. I think better to close all the inner noise and can listen at least for sometimes as he is already a proven teacher with respect

  25. Trading is just like Math… 😉 when you use math in Trading, you will Get Good Amount of result From it…😉😉 @PRSUNDAR sir..👍 & sorry for my Weak English vocabulary..😅😅

  26. Dear Sir, Does Option need continuous screen time ? What if one have Job and want to do trading? Please guide..!

  27. Sir you have huge capital if i expect 2% return per month i will be older than you now am 21

  28. Respected sir, Thank you for your video on making 2% return consistently every month on the capital employed. It makes 24% per annum. Very good advise, but what is the way to earn 2% profit every month. Atleast you can tell one tip every month the retail and small investors like me be benefited.