Revealing My Metahero SCAN!!! Is It The Future Of Gaming?! (GTA VI & FIFA 23 soon…)

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  1. Just slightly better graphics than sandbox haha 😄 Really if the boys get it right it should make sandbox and decentraland mostly obsolete

  2. “Let’s just give a big thanks for giving us amazing content to enjoy” XhU

  3. I am impressed, that is incredible. Does your character move around? Could the scanner for example record a footballers celebration and the motion be applied to anyone else that was scanned? For example your scan doing Ronaldo’s goal celebration?

  4. Amazing 🔥 and the market is waking up just before Everdome launch 💪

  5. I love this Project!! Metahero will be revolutionary! How the metaverse should be!!! Metahero x Everdome 🍀

  6. Wauw this convinces me how big the entire metaverse is going to fail 😂😂 cant even compare to a computer generated character so so bad jesus good luck thinking this is something special woke sheep’s 🤣🤣

  7. Great scan 👌👏

    This technology is mind blowing and soon more and more peoples will realize this and those who invest benefit from those projects a lotttt 🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥✌

  8. Sick man, so dope the scan
    Can wait to see Costa in the Everdome Metaverse…