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Safemoon big advertisements with evergrow coin in 3 cities as well as being listed on the swap, and wallet. The safemoon galaxy is growing with a huge partnership with evergrow coin which could lead to further partnerships down the road! Safemoon has huge plans that could lead to massive price spikes as well as huge rewards with passive income and Evergrow Coin has just as ambitious plans following right behind them ! Safemoon and Evergrow Coin have made millionaires and will continue to provide financial freedom to its holders while they bring out the utiltiy ! This isnt financial advice and Im not a financial advisor.


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  1. Try to listen when walking, but dont get to see your drawings, will see it later on TV with a beer!

  2. Nice Stuff CC , Great News and more partnerships to come !!! ✊🏼


  3. Nice video. Any idea if evergrow is planning a “version 2 consolidation” like Safemoon did? I hope not.

  4. I’ve invested in evergrow for 4 months now, I’ve made more money in reflections than I’ve made with my bank account since I’ve had it for 13yrs ago.

  5. I love this way of doing videos man, but this is a somewhat biast video knowing you love EGC, id love to see your take on Affinity and Enhance since they are both rewards tokens as well. Thanks, the next 500 I have will defo go into this!

  6. Great video CC! This is so amazing. I’m stoked for the future of this partnership!

  7. This is just so fire. Two of my favs coming together, epic . Thank you CC for the awesome informative video.

  8. I only have one issue.
    ” Every $1 Evergrow receives from Safemoon promoting it – Is $1 less into safemoon which ultimately hurts OUR growth.”

    Am I missing something?

    I have millions of V2, now half the VALUE of what it used to be before the big dip, but not selling.
    I’m not sold on 2 coins piggybacking.
    AGAIN, every new dollar into Evergrow (who we seem to now be promoting??) is $1 less into safemoon which ultimately hurts OUR growth.

  9. Love both your video designs and content bro! I just wish I’d have bought more than 1B EGC back when you were schilling it at $70/B!! Are you done with the Safemoon Round Table collaborations?

  10. Excellent video again I remember the first video on evergrow didn’t have the finance at the time but will invest soon hopefully ? Do you think it’s still early days to 👍👍

  11. Love the vid… #evergrow is def one of my favs with a great future. Sam is the man

  12. Safemoon sfm v2 price predictions? One dollar or more ? How long does it take to be increased?

  13. Love your videos. One of the legit YouTubers. Looks like SFM quietly building up nicely.

  14. @Crypto Control….
    One word EXCELLENT..👍
    🚀 *#SafeMoon* and *#EverGrowCoin* to the Moon. 🌙

  15. Quality video and content. You have really get better and better. These are really 2 powerhouses in the making.

  16. I really really love this style of video and explanation. Great work man.

  17. First off, thanks for telling us about EGC. I only bought into it because I trusted this channel and figure why not. Now because I didn’t know where it would go I only spent about $9 at the time, but it did go up by 300%. I’m looking at it more to see if it is worth funding more money into it.
    It would be interesting if SM turns out to be the BTC of reflection coins and EGC is ETH of reflection coins.

    (I did heavily invest into SM a while back because I figure if it can’t make it. Then no reflection coin can.)

  18. Wow, very ambitious project. Last time I checked on this token they were going to V2 token I think before safemoon V2? I can’t find any information about the changes or if V2 did drop last year?

  19. Hi this is Jeremiah from the SafeMoon Water Cooler awesome video 😎🎙️👍✨