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SafeMoon HIRING Site Reliability Engineer

SafeMoon is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer.

Link to job opening –

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  1. Great video atlas, huge Safemoon community is now buying token Safemoonomics 😄

  2. Is it weird to anyone else that volume is way down even after the new billboard?

  3. When I say thank you 🙏, I mean it from my heart sir for helping me archive so much in my life , you where there from start, a heartfelt thanks to you admin sir.

  4. This is good news. This means SFM is scaling up and becoming more organize with their codes.


    Devs build the code then SRE deploy/maintain the codes and the servers that the codes are running on in production. Also, they determine if the codes will need more server capacity to scale up. If there’s any bugs in the code then SRE will work with a Dev to debug the code. OR if there is an issue with a server the SRE will work with IT to resolve the server.