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Safemoon and Evergrow Coin have made a huge announcement as they partnered together to be listed on the safemoon swap, the safemoon wallet, and to be together on bilboards cobranded advertising as the top rewards tokens ! This is huge and hopefully just the beginning of their partnership!
I go over both projects and how as investors we could see huge returns from combining these two for passive income and the major price jumps we expect from their utility !

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  1. Drop a like and comment to help show more holders this video! Im super bullish on this project and cant wait to go over the math of the rewards and reflections!

  2. Dam i wanted EverRise but any reflection token is a plus for us 💪🏼😤

  3. Wow I had 280 billion evergrow and sold wish I would have held but thankfully I still have 2.8 b

  4. Omg…huge…I’m breaking out the unicorn and riding his ass to work. Great video and thanks for your hard work and passion 👍 👏

  5. Super stoked to hear this! As a crypto noob, I’ve made many mistakes and lost small amounts of money (not so small to me) but I’m invested in both SFM & EGC. Not quite at a billion with SFM but with growing reflections it will happen. With EGC I definitely own more tokens than with SFM and my SFM is worth more even though I invested more $$$ with EGC. Nonetheless I have full confidence with both these projects and hope to be able to retire off reflections from both within the next 2 to 3 years. That’s my goal and praying for both these projects to succeed and praying for all holders as well. Thanks for the video, love both your channels. 🙏🏻💗😊

  6. Your excited and that’s all I need to here to drop some serious chedda on this

  7. I bought in right after your first video. I’ve made over $700 in reflections. Thank you CC.

  8. Yeah! Got them both and so extremely happy with this news! Is the best partnership ever. Only Rematic is still missing to increase your EGC bag

  9. Man this is amazing. Can you imagine if SFM added Rematic to their swap as well. Rematic rewards in EGC. That would be awesom.

  10. And the battle game will probably be crypter token buyout and implementation as Sam holds 8 trillion Crypter… just guessing but connecting the dots..

  11. Wasn’t expecting this lol, awesome!. I’m glad I hold both SFM & EGC, to the moon boys!

  12. If I had a spare 500 id put it into EGC but it went to Enhance and Affinity as they got there first to the Safemoon Swap lol Enhance reflections are awesome, dont like Affinity reflections much but its a new token with a big roadmap so ill hold on to it.

  13. Great job…Crypto Control – love your content!!! FYI: If you buy Reflecto token you get BUSD, SHIBA INU and “EVERGROW” as reflections…plus it’s cheap…200 dollars gets you around 50 billion…I received over 1 million refection in “EVERGROW” in a week…have a great day my friend…

  14. Yes !!!!! You are the reason why I invested !!! And I was able to get a good bag because of you !! Thank you !!!

  15. All I want is to buy my house with crypto money. If I get to a point where I don’t have to pay a mortgage then I shall be all set.

  16. You made me a lot of profits off of evergrow but I lost it on other alt coins hahha .

  17. Evergrow’s roadmap is insane. The site just keeps on scrolling down. This year is going to be nuts for both Safemoon and Evergrow.

  18. I’m buzzing about this announcement.
    I jumped all over EGC because of your recommendation CC and I can’t thank you enough. 👍🏼

  19. Dude. This is so awesome. Thanks for content again. You go dude. And pls involve us with the projects you work on.