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  1. Some more big updates for #SAFEMOON, lots of energy circulating around the Swap right now – some ideas on how to reward safemoon holders 🚀
    ✅ Patreon:
    ✅ Upto $500 USD Bonus Kucoin on Sign up (new users only):
    ✅ FREE $25 USD of CRO on sign up:
    ⚡ Telegram (free):
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  2. <but all thanks to Gary Flex who taught me how to make trade and increased my Crypto from 6 to 21BTC now. No one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own Investment choices based on their own research. ……

  3. Great video as always! I’m a big fan of Safemoon but also a big of a fan of Evergrow as well these two are both powerhouses in the crypto space when it comes to utility! I also hope one day there will be some kind of rewarding system for cryptos that are listed in the Safemoon Swap, all of your ideas sound amazing!

  4. Shibnobi inu is also being listed on SFM swap, I be interested to know your thoughts on Shibnobi

  5. Another Great Video. So many things can happen and we are in for many good surprises 😮

  6. Price prediction for Evergrow. It will drop as soon as its available on the SFM swap. Look at Affinity and Enhance. Both received pumps to the price when announced partnerships with SFM, but then fell shortly after being available on SFM swap. Not saying they wont recover and grow, just saying I’ve been burned twice now with both of those partnerships. I bought when they showed up in the swap, and both nose dived shortly there after. I would expect EGC to do the same. Big pump before the listing, and a dive as soon as its available to purchase on the wallet/swap. Enjoy the journey! NFA!

  7. When the bitmart safemoon holders sell or transfer their tokens bitmart would buy the number of tokens that each individual is trying to sell/transfer out at market price

  8. I also heard on a safemoon space that projects are being charged $100k for listing fee

  9. All this safemoon news is getting really boring. Could’ve would’ve should’ve never did anything.

  10. Afternoon all the way from South Africa. I am on your patron page but would like to know the difference between Safemoon 1 and Safemoon V2. Will the old safemoon be phased out and which onee do you advise to keep, the new one or old one.

  11. Losing viewers Zeus ? You can’t blame them . How many times can you hear about how great a token is when the token has tanked , reverse split and tanked again . Anytime it gets a little upward traction , bang ! another huge insider sell . Every single time . Portable windmills in the Gambia ? lol That is not what investors signed up for . Investors bought into SFM for a cutting edge Blockchain . How can they be messing with windmills in the Gambia ? That’s taking away time and money from building the BC . Who’s call was that ? lol Karonys . Screwed up wallet release and bitter employees leaving in a huff ? Who’s fault ? Karonys . You don’t give a project to coders and then at the end of the project work out your problems . You work out problems daily and work through them . It’s called ” management ” yeah well , how do you think SFM would do if Karony was replaced with a coder that did nothing but concentrate on the BC and tight management . You think that might help ? Instead of having unfinished projects all over the place ? lol SFM just might thrive to a moonshot . I have lost all faith in Karony and SFM and it needs help . The sooner the better for getting rid of Karony and getting someone that knows what they’re doing ..

  12. all of Crypto ZEUS videos are thumbs up before viewing, bc I always know its FIRE ! #safemoon

  13. If I lost my safemoon by hackers there’s nobody that whould help me simple thay buy like us thay be earning millions in the long eun