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  1. What exactly is the benefit of getting listed on mandala if the safemoon army are not gonna be getting reflections, bcos our reflection are only coming from safemoon swap and pancake swap and being listed on mandala does benefit us cos they dont buy from the open market, too much bullshit going on with safemoon. Karony is tapping into our Lp in favour of this CEXs.

  2. Does anyone else think it’s very coincidental that the day we get a green candle from the hype around madala that the whole market starts to turn green ? Seems more and more like safemoon is the way and every time I seen the price pump on safemoon due to hype or expectation of a new exchange everything else got a little pump aswell …the safemoon army is strong !!!

  3. I can’t wait! Wishing I had an even million. I have about 640,000. Ugh, unemployment job doesn’t help too much in this goal. SMH, I give back to the community at that I give back to others and eat crow. Min wage. Goodwill life donations. Never be able to save . Come see goodwill for great valued items!

  4. Definitely happy when Safemoon is listed on a new exchange but is this one of the two new big exchanges John said was going to happen in early 2022? Because no one would say this is a big exchange.

  5. Check out Titano and Libero bro both have potential I want to know what you think about both

  6. Safemoon is on the right track and anticipating thanks for the video.

  7. Thanks Zeus for making such informative videos about safemoon…u are the only one utuber who is with safemoon in its fall and raise….shout out to you…🤤

  8. Libero have a look also good for the information about the safemoon will never stop

  9. A message for impatient bearers… On 11/04/2020 Solana was at 0.88. On 12/11/2020 Solana was at 1.49. As of 11/5/2021, Solana was at $259. I’m sure many Solana holders were frustrated and angry from 4/11 to 11/12/2020. Now these same holders are kicking each other for not being patient

  10. I just say one thing buy safemoon when it’s still cheap then it will be very expensive safemoon!!!

  11. so fukn sick of hearing of BNB crap !!! who cares if they list or Not they are Chinese Commies ! #safemoon !!!

  12. No binance will not be listing safemoon but you should keep making this same video over and over and over just to get views like you have been doing for 8 months 😂

  13. It will happen, maybe not straight away, but as SFM grows, Binance will want a piece of the pie for sure. Just be patient people….have faith

  14. Hi I need help, is anyone know how I can get help from safemoon support? I woke up this morning my safemoon wallet coin are gone I can’t see it is there the system went wrong or I been hack?

  15. *** It looks like Mandala will give reflections to SFM holders on Mandala, not all loyal SFM holders. Also is Mandala contributing to the burn? Or are we getting a watered down version of tokenomics depriving all loyal SFM holders?

  16. hello to anyone out there , I checked my safemoon this morning and I found my safemoon tokens are gone , does anyone know if I just got ripped off safemoon sfm is gone, I don’t know what happened, please help if anyone knows ?

  17. With the speed of holder growth coupled with the burn strategy for every transaction, I see Safemoon hitting $1 and could even go up to $5 before 2024