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  1. Long term believer here in Australia!
    Got my 30+K invested and I’m not withdrawing till 1, 10 and 100 per token

  2. safemoon got liquidated i now only have 81k what bullshit

  3. Good morning Zeus, Love your updates and insight into Safemoon and the long term view of this company …See you on the moon :)

  4. 💯 agree for some buy & burns for the Safemoon army as reward for being loyal and fighting the Fud since it’s inception

  5. Hit the thumbs up button if you want to see #SAFEMOON do some buy ups and burns for the #SAFEMOONArmy. It’s good to see these other cryptos getting listed on #SAFEMOONSWAP but i rekon the army should be rewarded with buyups and burns on listing! 🚀 🌛
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  6. Pls Mr Zeus can u reach out to John karony to pls wish the Gambia football team good luck for their football at the Africa cup of nation

  7. I’m not going to be liked for saying this. I think it will be another month with a lot of talk and nothing delivered, who cares about Mandela that’s isn’t going to make a big enough difference! Until our exchange, our blockchain, Windmills or a top ten volume exchange comes onboard I’m not getting excited.

  8. The next evergrow EverEarn has just launched 11% busd ive earned 10%initial with small holding, sitting at 5mill market cap 1700 holders we should easily 5-10x in days im 3x buying after presale, doxxed and audited we are flying📈

  9. Shibnobi,100 – 1000 potential gains, get in early if you want to be millionaire.😊💢💢💯💯💥💥💥💥💥👌

  10. A decentralized token system that is “focused on 100% compliance” seems like an oxy moron to me…

  11. The Miners army is everywhere, you will never escape, it will come for us all. Why resist? Join us now, Miners Defi.