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  1. Some more #SAFEMOON analysis on what could move up the price! I will stay patient though. #SAFEMOON to the moon 🚀🌛
    ✅ Trade Alerts / Buy/Sell Alerts / 100x Crypto Private Discord:
    ✅ Upto $500 USD Bonus Kucoin on Sign up (new users only):
    ✅ FREE $25 USD of CRO on sign up:
    ⚡ Telegram (free):
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  2. I believe you’re right it needs more utility it needs more oomph but I believe we will get there.

  3. Brother zeus , careful with this Glow LLC, is no official announcement from safemoon, this rumor was started by the same token, it looks sketchy! Not even the Twitter profile look real! I never see a token with more following than followers! Never

  4. I really like your idea regarding rewarding Safemoon holders if they hold a certain amount! I would Love to see that. Happy Groundhog Day!

  5. What happened to NFT Safemoon was going to give out to first 100k V2
    upgrader’s ? Any word

  6. Why did you block me on Twitter I am just a normal guy like you all I did was ask your opinion on a particular project I don’t know how to dm on Twitter I am fairly new to all this and you blocKed me for asking for your advise about a presale how low

  7. Any projects associated with Safemoon swap and eventually exchange will do very well. Any major exchange that lists Safemoon will see huge profits. What is your opinion?

  8. Utility, we need the exchange and the blockchain. Buy SFM and exchange for the coins/tokens in our wallet. Safemoon birthday coming up. Our present will be this utility..

  9. Every time i see this kind of videos i look in my wallet and Safemoon is down even more :D

  10. It doesn’t matter how many exchanges the tokens are on.The safemoon Army holding are killing the price , if the token is not traded it has no use.Maybe if everyone swapped tokens the price may rise .🤞

  11. The key to being a successful investor is not having emotions regarding the markets. The markets have no emotions regarding you. Patience and timing are key. Only swing at the balls that are in your strike zone and ignore the rest.

  12. I think your Twitter got hacked unless you meant to dm me asking how my crypto was going?

  13. Id like to see you do a video in the style of “ozzy man reviews “… lol.. that would be fun.

  14. Lol this guys SFM videos are so clickbait, “Price about to explode”, “price can do x1000”, well I can also win the lottery, I mean its possible right? ffs

  15. People need to understand. Everything follows Bitcoin. And everything tanks when Bitcoin goes down. Just be patient and live your life.

  16. Hey crypto Zeus I’m not sure if you’re Twitter got hacked but it appears that your twitter account(unless I’m looking at the wrong one) is reaching out trying to “introduce me to new projects” and once I confronted the person pretending to be you, questioning wether they were a fake account, they blocked me. Just a heads up. Unless it was actually you lol but I doubt that. Keep up the great content man!

  17. This is so sad. This is such a dead hype coin. People still hyping it need a reality check