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  1. Zeus are u getting paid for the amount of times you say safemoon swap lol 😆

  2. Thank you for the shout out. I hope your day is well. Let’s get that price up. Let’s go go go up up up. Utility

  3. Yes but it’s much easier to walk down a road paved by another. You’re standing on the shoulders of giants and then bragging that you did it faster? Well it’s because they said all the groundwork.

  4. For years I listen to Howard Stern on my way to work here in USA, now I listen to the great Crypto Zeus! Keep on keepn on

  5. If you’re a safemoon holder you should probably throw a few dollars on enhance. Remember every time reflections are purchased safemoon is burned.

  6. Safemoon charges between 100 K to 500 K to be listed on their swap so yeah it would be nice to see some of that money being used for buyback and burns

  7. More and more upward push from SAFEMOON. New moves are being made every day and it is only a matter of time before the price soars and never comes back. Rocket

  8. Hello the Safemoon Army, I’m looking for some advice, I have around 300M Safemoon V1 and can’t convert them to V2 as BNB is no long available to purchase in the UK. Any advise or is this a lost cause ?

  9. Thanks for the update. Hopefully they will accept SFM for listings and burn the F out of those tokens! 🤑

  10. If safemoon can vet all the cryptos before listing on the swap and only list good projects, this finally gives safemoon some real utility. Utility is what safemoon needs. Cant grow without it.