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SafeMoon SWAP Could EASILY Hit $14 Million DAILY!

The metrics are out there for other crypto projects. Based on that the community has revealed just how attainable as SafeMoon SWAP grows the level of daily volume that is likely to come!

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  1. $14 million? Yeah that’s pretty good…
    Just wait until we hit $100 million someday. ;)

  2. Safemoon swap to be the #1 dex before the exchange, you heard it here first

  3. You should do a video on Web3. A lot of people don’t know what the future holds for us and how we’re early with SFM!

  4. PCS 24H vol $497,468,420.02, is that correct?? Imagine SFM swap can hit that volume.

  5. He, I like your channel but you should make the screen bigger. You have half a city block below for chat disabled:) And a huge chunk of real estate above your head with the btc price. We all know the btc price. Just my humble opinion. Content difficult to read with only half a screen. Great channel, great info. Will keep watching.