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Safemoon Top 100 COINGECKO – SAFE MOON NFT’s SOON? Safemoon News Today!

Safemoon Top 100 COINGECKO – SAFE MOON NFT’s SOON? Safemoon News Today! Safemoon is showing to be top 100 on coingecko finally and many safemoon holders are now getting correct information on coingecko. Safe Moon NFT’s might be rolling on soon which will allow holders to purchase NFT’s which is great for holders who wish to pick them up via the safemoon wallet. Safemoon holders are waiting on more news from exchanges on a listing and safemoon themselves is working constantly on getting more safemoon news out.

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  1. the fundamental idea of safemoon is tokenomics, without that i don’t want that exchange.

  2. If the exchange won’t support tokenomics then why would anyone buy on that exchange? So it would probably make no difference for us

  3. Ever since they started talking about staking Ive thought reflections could stop eventually. They have so many different ways they can go it’s mind blowing 🤯

  4. #whadayaknow I’ll go to a crypto conference one day just to learn more about new coins coming out but after sfm gets me enough money to leave my job comfortably

  5. #SAFEMOON is the #EVOLUTION #SAFEMOON is a tech company. #SAFEMOONARMY Thanks Joe.

  6. #whadayaknow Looking forward to meeting up with our SafeMoon Family one day!

  7. I bought one minted coin too,waiting for the delivery as im staying in singapore

  8. Up to almost 700 thousand safemoon. I will hit the milli club again. But I could care less about tokenomics really. If it ment another exchange then fire it up shit

  9. soon we will be huge and other people will be begging us to be on other exchanges

  10. Really doesn’t matter to me if an exchange implements tokenomics or not. As long as we get listed in major exchanges with high volume that’s fine.

  11. Joe your free to do whatever you put on your channel. I’ll keep supporting you.

  12. #whadayaknow I’m going to ANY affordable at the time crypto event! #safemoon

  13. Bra…. I’m down from a $400 investment last Spring to $50. That is pathetic and still people trying to hype

  14. #whadayaknow I would rather go to a #Safemoon meet up in Utah!! When I become a #SafemoonMillionaire, I plan on staying warm in the Caribbean sailing on my 50 foot catamaran – but I would fly to Utah in the summer! :-)

  15. Tokenomics is the future but you can’t be choosy when you are starting out. You take what you can get and one day you will hold the power to force exchanges to comply. For now, let’s just get people involved! Great videos sir! Have a great weekend!

  16. Exchange has to have tokenomics or everyone would buy on those exchanges tax free and 2 percent swap fee to SafeMoon wallet. Not contribute to ecosystem and receive reflections. Bad idea.

  17. #whadayaknow Joe, from an average Joe to a Safemoon Joe. I got into this project in early April last year. From the beginning I saw the potential of what this Dev team is trying to do and get accomplished. I told myself that the future looked bright for this company and committed myself to hold my bag for 5yrs. I used to check my wallet countless of times a day, but now I just wait for you or Safemoon Tim to drop a new video to find out if we’ve been listed or not. I want you to know how much I appreciate you making all this content for the Safemoon ARMY and for new investors to get educated how great our community really is. Thanks again for all that you do and God bless you and yours.

  18. No Joe… tokenomics is literally the life blood of our ecosystem. Makes no sense to do away with it just to get listed. What’s the point then. Might as well buy Shiba… might as well be Shib.

  19. I want to be on as many exchanges as possible with or without tokenomics asap

  20. #whadayaknow
    We did order one of the #Safemoon minted tokens. It came the other day and we love it.

  21. If an exchange doesn’t have the 10% fee then people would just send their sfm to the exchange to sell , or buy in the exchange…. It’s not possible to avoid tokenomics..

  22. #whatdoyouknow Hey safemoon joe, why dont you reply back to your comments?

  23. What is going on with V1, how is it up 28%, surely most people have migrated by now

  24. If we get listing in a bunch of exchange even with no tokenomics, by the end of the day , we will increase volume and these people will move to safemoon wallet