SafeMoon Coin

SafeMoon’s Price Holding – INEVITABLE

SafeMoon’s price holds steady with a slight upswing following a day of great news as Mandala Exchange not only announces they are listing SafeMoon but that they have something of a bonus coming.

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  1. This is great timing considering Moon Craft is releasing on the 7th Feb. I think this will result in some positive price action.

  2. Do we need bnb to deposit drip token? Or. Do they take it from ur drip supply? I message u on Twitter

  3. theres actually a few listed on mandala thats not listed on binance!! moon boy actually showed one thats not listed on binance during one over his videos!! now im almost positive that theres only a couple at most! so that gives me a little hope!

  4. That’s a good option 💛💛💛💛💚💚💚🧡🧡🧡🧡💚💚💚💛💛

  5. Hope you don’t go to jail promoting and making money on a non state licensed investment.

  6. It’s not true bro. I’ve looked at a few myself and most are also listed on Binance, but not all. FYI

  7. Well if there is going to be a second coin then what about this coin that we’ve all be so invested in for so long was that just a waist of time ?

  8. atlas you work is awesome can you do other cryptos that you hold or are looking at this year

  9. Been holding for almost a year and I still dream of a day my accounts in the green 😫😔

  10. Im confused. The volume isnt up by much. Is SafeMoon live on Mandala or is it only published they will make it tradable soon?