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  1. excellent video , can you explain impermanent loss with out stable coin on one side , like eth/elon , here is the thing i did lp on shiba swap with 5billion elon and 0.2 eth 6 months ago , now elon has risen over 4000% and eth 150% is this impairment loss if yes how i loss , that i dont get it ! hope some one can explain this to me , cause im thinking to pay the gas fee over $500 to remove the liquidity to see whats going on but i scare to do that plz help

  2. I would like to invest in saitama but I don’t want to use a MetaMask wallet

  3. Have you checked wolverine inu ? You might wanna check it . It. Barely started .

  4. Great live brother when you have time take a look at #Gen Impact token 🔥🔥🔥 and #Jacywaya token both less then 7 days old and both already have strong 💪🏾 communities

  5. Hi Adam,can you say me shibaswap bone stake %6000 it is normal?
    Because max 250 million and preis 3,25$ if I will buy 1000 bone and stake I will have 60k bone ??