Saitama’s Saitamask swap is live! In this video I go over the current version of Saitamask, what we should expect & more! Saitama’s Saitamask swap seems to still be on its first legs as the liquidity pools aren’t allowing for accurate transactions but the gas fees are definitely something!

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✅About Me : I was initially dragged in by a game called “Axie Infinity” which was an NFT Play To Earn game that hyped the heck out of me since I was challenger in League of Legends before crypto. I have a hyper competitive drive & always strive to give the best content and look after my viewers in the same light as I would my friends.

In this channel you’ll find all things crypto-related that I feel is HOT and ready to do well. Of course, always DYOR before you get into a project as these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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  1. I’ve got the conclusions with my test. Saitama is cheaper, but not by much. Need more data.

  2. Your video is so misleading. some of us can’t even get our money that we sent to Saitamask. we lost it. Stop the hype. You seem so hyped, which is cool for you. but most of us lost money and we are not getting nothing.

  3. You got less Saitama when you swapped on Saitamask because you had to pay ‘tax” which is obvious on Saitamask than on uniswap!

  4. Classy , can you do a tutorial on how to transfer ethereum from Coinbase wallet to Saitamask ?

  5. I am beyond fed up wit this garbage app. Problem upon problem and I lost hard earned money in the process.

  6. Still can’t make an account in Saitamask. It’s keep saying I need a password with upper, lower cases with special characters even though I already put those in the password. Any advice?

  7. you contradicted yourself all through the video. i’m going to like and support it… but you probably should’ve skipped this one. It probably did more harm than good.

  8. This is due too low liquidity As time goes by it will all be fixed because they will keep putting more in the liquidity pool

  9. I dont care, it dosent work for everyone. Read twitter, read the comments on youtube, and for some who actually logged in, the transfers aren’t correctly swapping causing people to lose ETH. IF IT DOSENT WORK FOR EVERYONE, THEN THE STUPID THING DOES, NOT, WORK!

  10. I just tried to use the swap to put some Saitama into ethereum and errored both times. Charged me a total of $30 anyways. I have $200 in ethereum now. I don’t get it. What am I doing wrong?

  11. You can put what you’re willing to pay in other wallet apps. I don’t like that there’s really no difference as far as gas fees yet. Let’s hope that kinda gets worked out. Thanks for making the swaps for the review. I hope you make back some ad revenue.

  12. I’m glad you touch base on that, classy. I made a transaction this morning for 5 billion Saitama out of $170 worth of ethereum and I ended up getting an error. As the day went on I tried to redo the same transaction and it got to a point where I was paying around $110 in gas fees so of course I didn’t go through with the transaction. So I’ll keep trying and hopefully I can get it somewhere close to where I was this morning. Thanks again.

  13. Today I did made the transaction testing on Saitamask to swap Eth to Saitama..002 to buy Saitama but I didn’t set the slippage then I swap it go through but it said processing and 8 hours later I went back to check out it still saying still processing. So in that case do I loose that money in that processing?

  14. How long does transactions take to hit SaitaMask I spent 107 from BitMart and haven’t received it there yet 3 hrs

  15. STILL 401 code – I’ll give them a few weeks because my phone is getting worn out from me trying

  16. The day that we save money on gas fees is the day we can link our Visa card and buy directly without swapping

  17. Crap…I have an Android and it still is Not Working!!!! Last update on App store was the 27th!
    Help Russ …..I dont want to miss out on Lily!!!!!!!!

  18. Connection issue on my saitamask again.. mines was working perfectly fine until now

  19. 24 hrs til lilly release and I’m getting a network connection issue still lol

  20. Will they refund the gas fee that was charge even the there’s an error on swapping eth to saitama? I lost half of my eth because of that. If it’s not for Lily token I won’t be downloading Saitamask in the first place. I hold saitama on bitmart, even though I don’t get reflections at least I don’t have to pay ridiculous gas fee and losing my coin because of SHITTY APP THAT DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY!!

  21. I’ve done everything and removed reinstalled…used a different phone.. I can’t create an account still. LAME I really want to…I hodl!!!

  22. Liquidity needs to be added in slowly, as a large influx of the liquidity would have to much of an influence, that’s why you can get a large variety of slippages when the liquidity as low, as with a swap you are buying from the liquidity itself, a lower liquidity means a higher influence of your buy

  23. Can we move Saitama to Saitamask ? I sent a small amount 12 hours ago and still don’t see it on Saitamask.

  24. Gwen can vary min to min This comparison is out the door Let’s see what happens

  25. You gotta take in consideration the price of eth at time of transaction in comparison with gwei

  26. Classy do a video on BLINU! Not a lot of info out there about it but is just going straight up! I’m not good at doing my own research 😂

  27. They need make it possible to use visa and Mastercard they he’ll with euth

  28. Classy please make a video telling people to look in there junk box for the 6 didget code some people don’t know where to look and they fud that its broken and don’t work

  29. Saitama is a disaster. The dev teams incompetence can’t be overlooked any longer.

  30. Saitama just postponed Lilly finance 😂😂😂 saitama fucked you guys again lmao

  31. i cant even open saitamask and everyone else on there trading shiiiit…….

  32. also everyone don’t know how to find cache in their devices to totally delete saitamask out device after Uninstalling app.i know to go to files and type cache and it will show caches with dates.just find the one where you downloaded saitamask and delete. I knew it would go back to 20s after bad relaunch and everyone not being able to use on phones

  33. You know it’s interesting the cronos network off cryptos defi has been around longer and there’s much more success, user-friendly versatile, and inexpensive in gas fees. Saitamask makes it seem like they’re revolutionizing but there are some exchanges that are way ahead of the game.

  34. I have a question. My wallet works but i can only see my Saitama balance in swap mode. How do i get it to show up on my main screen? so i can see my balance and value. appreciate any help. thanks

  35. Quick question. Are we able to swap the other tokens at this time? All I see is ETH and Saitama being available to swap. Thanks.