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Saitama Going Parabolic – Live from Las Vegas

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  1. I do believe you are in good faith and a genuine good guy but some coins like Shiryo Inu should never have been promoted because its beyond fishy. They outright stole the graphics and the wolf logo to a girl which had no idea they did that to her. Small thief become big thief.

  2. I don’t think it will take 3 years to become a millionaire with 10 billion tokens

  3. I really enjoy your channel Adam! You always keep things very entertaining! Have fun in Vegas friend!

  4. Hey I live in Vegas, will be at MGM tomorrow, I won’t be attending the event but hopefully we can meet up !!!

  5. this should be an example when a crypto is doing the right things they are going to be rewarded for it, no excuses, and it will continue to grow if all the thigs they are promises aren’t jus promises.

  6. Yes!!! LFG!!!!! Stand up #saitamawolfpack!!!! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 get your bags!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for your positivity!! It’s crazy to think that my roughly $50 or so it literally currently x100! I just can’t believe how crazy this is and how much it will change things for myself and my family. I enjoy seeing what your gains have brought you and you laying it all out as to where things can end up in the near future! Keep it up and stay positive!

  8. Congrats to us all
    Dude go and hang out with Austin Hilton, Jake and Zach Humphries. You guys are all there 😃😃

  9. say mane I wanna buy but I’m on a gas fee strike and been on it for awhile ethereum is not raping me anymore….

  10. Adam I’m in Japan and land is a my goal is to build two apartment buildings….really nice ones and rent to the Military here..(KILLER INCOME) but the top two floors i’m building a penthouse……

  11. dude with 10 billion you will be a billionaire with 4 zeros and a 9 I got 15 billion and got it in at the end of august….I owe Adam and got no shame saying it..I had Shiba, and bought it, then he started talking about Saitama…I was a little skeptical at first but I trusted him…and little timmy said do it… I did..sometimes you have to trust folks..since then I bought Klee, and Wolverine…telling the entire world..Adam is a good guy, think horse to water..and I have Shib buried..129 million Ryoshi visions..come on folks take a chance.

  12. I been holding since July, so I’m gonna hold til I become a Saitama Billionaire👊🏽🤣🚀🚀🚀

  13. I’m going to take the subway tomorrow and record the saitama times square ad drop.

  14. I only have 60 bucks when i bought in now im sitting on 2k plus, that was my gas money.

  15. I wouldn’t talk to much about how I’m going to cash out..freaking IRS agents are in the crypto back in the old days when the po po used to be in yahoo chat rooms…yeah I said it..